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The Best Zen Ball | 2023

Last updated on December 22, 2022

We looked at the top 11 Zen Balls and dug through the reviews from 8 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Zen Balls.

Best Zen Ball

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Our Picks For The Top Zen Balls

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Our Take
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Top Chi Heavyweight Stainless Steel Zen Balls

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Top Chi

Heavyweight Stainless Steel Zen Balls

Overall Take

Solid and EffectiveThese one-pound stainless steel zen balls are built for functionality and even come with a pouch for storing them.

  Strong Contender

Fengshuisale Stress Relieving Circulatory Zen Balls


Stress Relieving Circulatory Zen Balls

Overall Take

Versatile PickThese Chinese health balls feature a Phoenix and dragon design on the surface, enhancing the experience of using them.

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Brass Statu Pain Relief Baoding Zen Balls & Decorative Box

Brass Statu

Pain Relief Baoding Zen Balls & Decorative Box

Overall Take

Gorgeous MaterialThese zen balls are smaller in size than those that are standard, making them perfect for smaller hands.

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Top Chi Heavyweight Stainless Steel Zen Balls

Our Expert Score


Our Take

Made from stainless steel, these zen balls won't tarnish or rust, providing years of use. They're 1.5 inches in size and one pound in weight, making them ideal for small and medium-sized hands. The thick, durable pouch will keep your Zen balls safe when you aren't using them while still keeping them portable.

Our Zen Ball Buying Guide

Whether you call them health balls, zen balls or Baoding balls, the stress-relieving power of small metal balls makes them popular with consumers across the globe. There are various uses for Baoding balls, each related to the way you move them in circular motions around your hand. In doing so, you massage your palm and strengthen your fingers, boosting hand wellness.

But in addition to the physical benefits you get from zen balls, you also may see a boost to your mental health. Some say the rhythmic motion eases stress, making them a great item to have nearby at work. But ancient Baoding ball enthusiasts believed their use brought even more benefits. Chinese emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty said Baoding balls were responsible for his longer life after they were prescribed by his doctor.

One challenge that can help improve the benefits of using these balls is to maneuver them in one hand without allowing them to touch each other. This takes time and practice but, in the process, you strengthen your hand and finger muscles. Baoding balls can sometimes be used as an accompaniment to meditation, helping with focus and concentration due to the repetitive nature of the exercises you do while using them.

For the deeper benefits of zen balls, you have to look into the pressure points in the hand. Some enthusiasts believe, for instance, that using them can help with fatigue, boosting your energy flow. With some Baoding balls, you’ll find the surface has slight bumps in them to improve blood circulation as they rub against the surface of your skin. Some even believe you get enhanced memory and intelligence through using them.

To use Baoding balls, start with two and practice rolling them around on your palm. Over time, you may even be able to work a third or fourth zen ball into the practice. But at first, you may choose to start with smaller ones, especially if you don’t have large hands.

Simplemost Fun Fact

You may have noticed pressing certain points on your hand can have a relaxing effect. That’s because the hand is full of pressure points, and some believe that simply by pressing on these areas, you can affect various parts of the body. One popular holistic treatment focuses on the inner gate point, which is approximately three centimeters from the center of your wrist in the crease point. By pressing on this, reflexologists believe that you can relieve nausea and stomach pain. A spot in the wrist crease parallel to your pinkie is believed to help increase happiness when you press on it. If you’re interested in reflexology, you can look up the various pressure points and test to see if pressing on them helps.

The Zen Ball Tips and Advice

  • Zen balls can make popular gifts. Look for one with vivid colors and ornate packaging. They’re especially handy if you’re trying to find that perfect gift for a boss or coworker.
  • If your zen balls come in a box, keep in mind that many are built more to look good on arrival than to last. You may be better off investing in a small bag to store them in, especially if you’re tossing them in a purse or laptop bag to take with you.
  • The size of each ball is essential. Typically, the smallest Baoding balls you’ll find are about 1 inch in diameter, but 1.5 to 1.8 inches is still considered small. For a medium-sized option, look for those that are around 2 inches. If you have large hands, you may prefer to look for those that are bigger than 2 inches in diameter.
  • Sound is an important part of the Baoding ball experience. You’ll typically find these balls make a subtle chiming noise as you move them around on your hand. You may prefer silence, but the sound is meant to help you achieve internal balance. One ball will have a higher tone, representing Yang, while the other tone is lower, representing Yin.
  • When it comes to appearance, there’s no limit to the variety you’ll find. You may prefer a simple pair with a stainless-steel design, but there are plenty of bright colors available if that’s your preference. Some even feature designs on them, with symbols like dragons.
  • It’s also important to consider weight. You’ll find many of the larger balls can exceed one pound, but you might need a pair that’s lighter in weight if you’re starting out.
  • Durability is also a consideration. Stainless steel will be the best at resisting rust and corrosion, so in this arena, simpler may be better.

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