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The Best Wireless Charging Dock - 2020

Last updated on November 18, 2020

We looked at the top 6 Wireless Charging Docks and dug through the reviews from 11 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Wireless Charging Docks.

Best Wireless Charging Dock

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Our Picks For The Top Wireless Charging Docks

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Our Take
  Our Top Pick

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock


Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

Overall Take

iPhone Optimized DeviceOpt for this elegant charging pad if you want to quickly juice up your iPhone.

  Most Versatile

Anker PowerWave Stand Wireless Charging Dock


PowerWave Stand Wireless Charging Dock

Overall Take

Any OrientationWhen you want to be able to use your phone while reenergizing it, this charging dock is a great choice.

  For Multiple Devices

Earteana 3-In-1 Wireless Charging Dock


3-In-1 Wireless Charging Dock

Overall Take

Folding, Multipurpose UnitThis wireless charging station is a perfect choice for someone on the go with multiple devices.

  Best for Speed

Samsung Qi Certified Wireless Charging Pad & Cooling Fan


Wireless Charging Pad & Cooling Fan

Overall Take

Built-In CoolingThis compact, multifunctional charger is the perfect choice when you need a speedy battery refresh.

  Best for Office

LETSCOM 3-In-1 Qi Certified Wireless Charging Dock


3-In-1 Qi Certified Wireless Charging Dock

Overall Take

Three-In-One UnitChoose this multipurpose charger when you have several devices and want to declutter your desk.

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The Best Overall

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This wireless charging pad has been engineered to provide optimal charging power and speed for iPhones, but it is also compatible with any Qi-enabled device. With its sleek design and low profile, this charging dock helps declutter your workspace with style.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Anker PowerWave Stand Wireless Charging Dock

Our Total Score


Our Take

Twin charging coils enable this wireless charging dock to charge your phone in either portrait or landscape orientations. Propping your phone securely at a comfortable angle, this tool lets you watch videos in landscape mode or use social media and facial recognition in portrait mode.

Our Wireless Charging Dock Buying Guide

Wireless chargers are a great way to juice up your devices without dealing with the clutter, compatibility and wear-and-tear issues that come with wired charging. While different devices have different connectors, such as USB-C, Lightning or various magnetic charging points, all modern devices that can be charged wirelessly follow the same wireless charging technology standards.

All the major phone and smart-device manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, Motorola and Huawei, use Qi technology for wireless charging. Because of this, any modern wireless charger should be compatible with your phone or smart device.

Since compatibility is generally not an issue, there are other considerations when choosing wireless chargers. One aspect to consider is whether you want a charging pad where devices can lie flat, or a wireless dock that props your phone up so you can continue to use it while it’s charging. Some such docks let you revive your phone in either portrait or landscape orientations, enabling a variety of uses while it’s charging. Some docks even feature the ability to fold flat and charge that way, for a multifunctional, all-in-one experience.

Another consideration is what type of device the wireless charger is optimized for. The charging speed and power of a wireless charger is usually indicated by the wattage at which it can charge particular devices, usually 5W, 7.5W, 10W or even 15W. The charging speed of your phone may also depend on its operating system — for example, an iPhone running iOS 12 or higher charges faster than the same phone running an older version of iOS.

Because of this, charging speeds can vary, but many wireless charging stations are engineered to work best with a specific type of phone, such as Samsung or Apple devices. Choose a wireless charger that is the best fit for the devices in your household.


Simplemost Fun Fact

The notion of wireless charging has been around for over a century. In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla demonstrated magnetic resonant coupling technology, which creates a magnetic field between two circuits (a transmitter and a receiver). This meant that electricity could be transmitted through the air between them.

Modern wireless charging uses one of three technologies. These are tightly-coupled electromagnetic inductive or non-radiative charging; loosely-coupled or radiative electromagnetic resonant charging; and uncoupled radio frequency (RF) charging.

Loosely-coupled resonant charging can transmit a charge through surfaces or across several centimeters, while uncoupled RF charging can transmit a small amount of charge across a distance of yards.

The Wireless Charging Dock Tips and Advice

  • Keep in mind phone-case restrictions when choosing a wireless charger. Most case-friendly chargers will specify what thickness and materials of cases it can charge through.
  • Most chargers are not able to charge phones through cases that are made of metal, have magnetic parts or other holders or that contain credit cards.
  • Some cases specify the type of power adapter they require. Some use your device’s native adapter, while others require that you use the adapter packaged with the wireless charger itself.
  • If you have an older device, it may follow a different wireless charging standard. Previously, there were two wireless charging standards: the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) standard, and the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard. Now, all modern devices follow Qi, but some older phones, such as older Android models, used the PMA standard. Check your older device’s charging standard and look for a compatible wireless charger.