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The Best Stickers

Last updated on September 16, 2020

We looked at the top 6 Stickers and dug through the reviews from 0 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Stickers.

Best Stickers

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Our Picks For The Top Stickers

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Our Take
  Best Overall

Fashion Angels 1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

Fashion Angels

1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

Overall Take

More Than 1,000 StickersYou're sure to find stickers for a variety of occasions with this set, which includes more than 1,000 stickers.

  Runner Up

SAVITA 500+ 3D Puffy Stickers


500+ 3D Puffy Stickers

Overall Take

3D EffectYou'll get a textured 3D look with these puffy stickers, which seem to jump off the page.

  We Also Like

QTL Neon Waterproof Vinyl Stickers, 50-Count


Neon Waterproof Vinyl Stickers, 50-Count

Overall Take

Outdoor UseThese vinyl stickers are both sun- and water-resistant, making them perfect for sticking in outdoor areas.

  Strong Contender

Mozoltov Fashion Brand Cool Grafiti Stickers, 100-Count


Cool Grafiti Stickers, 100-Count

Overall Take

Patches for Luggage and BicyclesThese stickers are great for use as patches on items like luggage, skateboards and bikes.

  Also Great

SWARKOL 400+ 3D Puffy Stickers


400+ 3D Puffy Stickers

Overall Take

Great for KidsThese puffy stickers are custom-made for younger family members, with colorful, whimsical designs that will keep them entertained for hours.

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The Best Overall

Fashion Angels 1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

Our Expert Score
Our Take

There's a little bit of everything included in this sticker book, from foods to puppies to unicorns. The 40-page book includes more than 1,000 stickers, ideal for adorning cards, planners and more. These stickers are recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Our Sticker Findings

Fashion Angels 1000+ Ridiculously Cute Stickers

What We Liked: There’s a little bit of everything included in this sticker book, from foods to puppies to unicorns. The 40-page book includes more than 1,000 stickers, ideal for adorning cards, planners and more. These stickers are recommended for children ages 6 and up.

SAVITA 500+ 3D Puffy Stickers

Runner Up

What We Liked: More than 500 stickers are included in this set, each boasting a textured, puffy effect. Designs include numbers, letters and objects like butterflies, animals and sea creatures. The design of these stickers makes them easy to remove from any surface without leaving a mark.

QTL Neon Waterproof Vinyl Stickers, 50-Count

We Also Like

What We Liked: In this set, you’ll get 50 vinyl PVC stickers that can hold up to sun, rain, snow and other elements, giving you years of fade-free use. One of the great things about these stickers is that you can unstick and re-stick them multiple times without losing the adhesive. The images are ideal for use on outdoor decorations, but they’d also work for laptops, backpacks and other everyday items.

Mozoltov Fashion Brand Cool Grafiti Stickers, 100-Count

Strong Contender

What We Liked: These stickers will simulate the look of graffiti, adding a little artsy flair to any surface. You’ll get 100 pieces with designs ranging from product logos to popular game characters. You can attach these stickers to items like motorcycles, electronics and skateboards, removing and reattaching them without worrying about residue.

SWARKOL 400+ 3D Puffy Stickers

Also Great

What We Liked: You’ll get 40 sheets of puffy stickers, with a total of 1,000 unique designs overall. Designs include smiley faces, butterflies, letters, numbers and more. They’re nontoxic and safe for kids of all ages, but if you have children younger than 3, you may want to keep an eye on them, as any smaller object can present a choking hazard.

Our Sticker Buying Guide

Sticker collections have been a source of childhood joy for decades, but children can have fun with stickers even if they aren’t building a collection. Stickers are a great way to add a little bling to a laptop, tablet, backpack, skateboard, bike or any other surface.

There are so many different types of stickers, though, that it can be a chore tracking down the perfect set. The first consideration when choosing a sticker booklet will likely be the designs included in it. Whether it’s a favorite character or general designs like food and animals, there’s a collection that will easily express your kid’s unique tastes.

Once you’ve found the designs you like, you can choose from multiple configurations. There are booklets that have dozens of stickers, and there are stickers that come in sets exceeding 1,000. You can even buy one sticker at a time, although this isn’t always the most cost-effective way to go.

When it comes to price, cheaper isn’t always better. Stickers can vary in quality, so a set of more than 1,000 priced the same as one with only 100 may not give you the same quality. You may find, for instance, that the stickers fall off after a while or the color on them quickly fades.

Simplemost Fun Fact

As fun as stickers are, they have a more serious origin story. The first stickers were sold in the 1700s as tax and revenue stamps. They had a gummy glue on one side so that they could be attached to documents. That technology eventually inspired the development of postage stamps, which came along in 1837, when the U.K. used a “glutinous wash” on the stamps so they could be attached to a piece of mail after being moistened.

By the late 1800s, stickers were being affixed to products like soap and fruit crates to advertise what was inside. In 1935, mass-market stickers were introduced by Ray Staunton Avery, who created pressure-sensitive labels that could be cut into any shape. Avery’s concept eventually became Avery Labels.

The Sticker Tips and Advice

  • Look carefully at reviews before buying stickers. Some sellers go with a “grab bag” approach, where the stickers pictured aren’t necessarily the ones that you’ll get. If the reviews don’t answer your questions, feel free to leave a question on the product’s Amazon page or reach out to the seller to make sure you’re getting the stickers you want.
  • If you’re applying a sticker to an item that will have exposure to sunlight and rain, look for one in vinyl. Not only can you easily wipe these stickers clean, but UV light doesn’t fade them and they’re water-resistant.
  • Some stickers can be removed and re-stuck without losing their stickiness or leaving residue behind.
  • Puffy stickers have a 3D effect that can add some pizzazz to any surface.
  • Look closely at the age recommendations for any sticker set you’re considering. Some are recommended only for older children, but even if they’re safe for all ages, you may want to supervise younger children, as any small object can become a choking hazard if swallowed.
  • Many sticker sets are advertised as being nontoxic, which is obviously a valuable feature when you’re buying something for children.

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