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The Best Silicone Molds

Last updated on February 7, 2024

We looked at the top 10 Silicone Molds and dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Silicone Molds.

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Our Picks For The Top Silicone Molds

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Key Takeaway
  Top Pick

Repinsta Silicone Resin 3D Shapes Casting Molds Kit

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Silicone Resin 3D Shapes Casting Molds Kit

You’ll get five molds, a measuring cup and five pipettes to make cool crafts. The shapes include a sphere, cube, pyramid, square and circle, perfect for making epoxy resins, soaps, candles, coasters and more. The material is nonstick and easily cleaned.

Overall Take

Perfect for BeginnersThe flexible material of these molds ensures they’re easy to use and keep clean.

  Runner Up

DanziX Flower Shape Silicone Candy Molds Set, 4 Pack


Flower Shape Silicone Candy Molds Set, 4 Pack

This set includes four molds, each with 15 flower-shaped cavities to help you make soaps, candies or cakes. The temperature tolerance ranges from -40 to 446 degrees F, making it safe for freezing or baking. The silicone is both flexible and durable.

Overall Take

Easy to MaintainSafe for refrigerators as well as ovens, these flower-shaped molds are totally versatile.

  We Also Like

LEDeng Semi Sphere Hot Chocolate Bomb Silicone Mold, 2 Pack


Semi Sphere Hot Chocolate Bomb Silicone Mold, 2 Pack

You’ll get two six-cavity molds in this set, which is nonstick and flexible and made from food-grade silicone. The temperature range is -40 to 446 degrees F, so you can freeze your creations and even pop the mold into the dishwasher between uses.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionMake hot chocolate bombs with this silicone mold, which has an easy-release design.

  Strong Contender

Wilton Brownie Bites Square Silicone Molds


Brownie Bites Square Silicone Molds

Although it’s designed to make 24 brownie bites, this silicone mold can actually be used to make a wide variety of foods, including frozen treats like ice cream. It can handle up to 500 degrees F, so it’s safe for the the oven, but hand-washing is recommended.

Overall Take

Great for Leveling Up Take your baking to the next level with this brownie mold, which makes bite-sized treats.

  Also Great

Boao Cake Decorating Silicone Dragon Mold, 2 Pack


Cake Decorating Silicone Dragon Mold, 2 Pack

This set includes two small silicon molds shaped like dragons to create unique fantasy-themed crafts and foods. The material is flexible and durable, with a temperature tolerance of -40 to 428 degrees F, so it works in freezers and microwaves alike.

Overall Take

Fun and UniqueThis dragon mold will help you add some fun to your food or resin fantasy-themed crafts.

Buying Guide

Silicone molds can be a great way to up your crafting game. Whether you’re making ornaments, candles, bath soap or candy, a mold lets you create shapes and designs you might not be able to accomplish on your own.

Silicone molds come in many shapes, sizes and designs for all your needs. But there are a few things to look at when you’re shopping for silicone molds.

First, how will you be using them? If your projects involve items you can eat, you’ll need something that’s safe for direct contact with food. Molds that are considered food-grade are typically coated or use materials that won’t leach chemicals when heated.

Consider size. Using small molds may turn out cute and tiny items, but filling many will take time. Larger molds may be offer more versatility overall. However, there’s a reason molds usually come in large trays with multiple small cavities; larger molds aren’t always as flexible, making it tougher to remove your items once they’ve cooled. Whatever size you get, you’ll want to make sure your mold is flexible enough that you can push your creations out from the bottom once they’re ready.

Color doesn’t make that much of a difference, although contrasting hues may help you get organized if you’re making separate batches that are heating and cooling at different times.

Temperature tolerance is also an important factor. You’ll want something that can tolerate cold if you plan to create foods that need to be set in a freezer. On the other hand, you may want it to be able to withstand the heat of a dishwasher or oven. Look for a mold that can handle at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit if you want to clean it in the dishwasher. For oven use, you can find molds that can withstand temperatures of 400 degrees F or more. In general, though, most silicone molds can be used at both very low and very high temperatures — just make sure you check each item before you buy.

Cleanup is another element to look at. Look for molds with nonstick coatings to avoid dealing with sticky residue that makes cleaning tough. You can use warm, soapy water to handwash most molds, but some can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Check the construction of your silicone mold. It’s best to look for one that’s 100% silicone for the best durability and ease of use. To check for fillers, you can try the pinch test. Simply pinch the silicone between two fingers and make sure it retains its color. If it takes on a whitish shade briefly, chances are, fillers are included.

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LEDeng Semi Sphere Hot Chocolate Bomb Silicone Mold, 2 Pack

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Key Takeawy

You’ll get two six-cavity molds in this set, which is nonstick and flexible and made from food-grade silicone. The temperature range is -40 to 446 degrees F, so you can freeze your creations and even pop the mold into the dishwasher between uses.

What to Look For

  • Before you use your silicone mold for the first time, take some time to clean it. This will help remove any chemicals and other substances it encountered during manufacturing and shipping.
  • Carefully check the uses of each type of mold you’re considering. Not all molds are safe for baking foods, for instance.
  • Consider where you’ll work on your projects, assuming you’re not buying your molds for baking. You’ll also need a place to store your molds between uses.
  • Keep in mind that as fun as novelty shapes can be, you might not find them as practical as one with a more neutral design. Molds with square or oval cavities, for instance, might be more versatile than those shaped like animals or Christmas trees.
  • Molds aren’t the only thing you’ll need for your project. Make sure you’ve invested in other supplies, such as mixing bowls, mixing spoons and baking sheets.
  • It can be tempting to store your silicone molds in a stack, but this can warp the surface. If possible, store them in a flat layer. If you’re transporting them, put a layer of cardboard between each mold to preserve its shape.
  • You’ll usually want to let your items cool for a while before removing them. The amount of time they’ll need to rest varies from one project to another, but make sure you have a comfortable, cool place for them to stay undisturbed during this cool-off period.
  • Silicone is usually safe for putting directly on the oven rack, but you might want to set it on a baking sheet before sliding it in. This can catch any spillover, rather than allowing it to drip to the bottom of your oven, where it will create a mess.

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