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The Best Shepherd’s Hook

Last updated on December 21, 2022
Best Shepherd's Hook

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EXCMARK Steel Height Adjustable Shepherd’s Hook, 32-Inch

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Steel Height Adjustable Shepherd’s Hook, 32-Inch

Available in black or bronze, this shepherd's hook is quite stylish. It works just as well for weddings as it does for hanging a bird feeder. The three-prong base keeps the hook firmly in place, while the two included extenders allow for adjusting the hook's height to your preference.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickYou'll love the affordable price tag on this shepherd's hook.

  Runner Up

MAXZONE Easy Set-Up Rust Resistant Shepherd’s Hook, 2-Pack


Easy Set-Up Rust Resistant Shepherd’s Hook, 2-Pack

Thanks to the five-prong base on this shepherd's hook, you can count on it standing strong once installed. The thick metal construction also allows for hanging everything from flower pots to mason jars to decorative lanterns. At the end of the hook, you'll find a handy rubber stopper to protect the pole from rain.

Overall Take

Stays PutYou'll get not one, but two shepherd's hooks when you opt for this durable set.

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AshmanOnline Vintage Steel Shepard’s Hook, 2-Pack


Vintage Steel Shepard's Hook, 2-Pack

You'll get two 48-inch-tall shepherd's hooks in this set, with a design that will add to your outdoor spaces. The material is extra-thick steel, powder coated to protect against wear. The half-inch diameter helps it hold up under years of use through turbulent weather conditions.

Overall Take

Extra-Thick SteelThese two hooks measure half an inch in diameter, making them a sturdy option for your garden.

  Strong Contender

BEAU JARDIN Wrought Iron Garden Shepard’s Hook, 2-Pack


Wrought Iron Garden Shepard's Hook, 2-Pack

These shepherd's hooks have a glossy finish to protect them against damage from the elements. Each hook in this two-piece set is 48 inches tall and 2/5 of an inch in diameter. The black coating means it will blend easily with any outdoor space.

Overall Take

30-Pound Weight CapacityEach hook in this two-piece set can easily hold 30 pounds of weight, allowing you to hang heavier items like potted plants.

  Also Great

Tangchaoo Anti-Rust Shepherd’s Hook, 65-Inch


Anti-Rust Shepherd's Hook, 65-Inch

Constructed from a strong wrought iron, this shepherd's hook is an excellent choice. It takes just seconds to install and features a retro-style horn-shaped hook that adds a decorative touch to your outdoor space. Depending on the selected height, the stand can hold up to 11 pounds.

Overall Take

Quick Set-UpThis shepherd's hook adjusts from 26 to 65 inches.

Buying Guide

Shepherds have long used long rods to help manage their herds. These are called shepherd’s crooks, and they’re named for the hook on the end that can be used to catch sheep. Shepherd’s crooks can also be used for self-defense, protecting both the shepherd and flocks against predators.

But the design of a shepherd’s crook has also inspired a trend in gardens across the world. Known as shepherd’s hooks, these stakes emulate the design of a shepherd’s crook to hold hanging baskets, bird feeders and decorative globes. There’s no limit to what these hooks can hold, as long as they don’t exceed the weight limit.

But if you’re investing in a hook that will spend most of its time outdoors, it’s important to make durability a top priority. Your shepherd’s hook will be exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. That means rain, snow, sleet and sun will be bearing down on it throughout the year. It will also be exposed to extreme wind conditions during storms, so it has to be able to anchor tightly into the ground without swaying. You’ll need a hook made from a material that can hold up to all that without showing signs of wear.

What to Look For

  • Before you start shopping for a shepherd’s hook, take a close look at the area where you’ll install it. Make sure the ground is strong enough to hold it upright, while still being pliable enough to insert the hook. Also consider the color and design that will look best for the space.
  • Shepherd’s hooks have a wide variety of placement options, from your front yard garden to your patio area. It can even be a great way to enhance your pool or outdoor grill area.
  • One top consideration for your shepherd’s hook is its weight capacity. Take a close look at how thick it is. This will give you an idea of how much it can hold if the capacity isn’t listed. A thicker hook will also be more durable.
  • Rust and corrosion are also important considerations. If your shepherd’s hook isn’t made of a material that will hold up in wet weather conditions, look for one that has weatherproof coating applied.
  • The build of the hook says quite a bit about how well it will hold up to the elements, particularly wind. You can’t go wrong with iron, but steel is also a good option.

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