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The Best Pencils For Girls

Last updated on January 24, 2022
Best Pencils For Girls

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Our Picks For The Top Pencils For Girls

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BAZIC Products Glitter Barrel Pencils For Girls, 8-Count

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BAZIC Products

Glitter Barrel Pencils For Girls, 8-Count

These pencils for girls are sparkly and covered in glitter. They are ideal for writing and drawing. The pencils make great party favors or additions to gift bags.

Overall Take

Sparkly ChoiceThese pencils for girls are covered in glitter.

  Runner Up

BIC Xtra-Sparkle Shimmer Mechanical Pencils For Girls, 24-Count


Xtra-Sparkle Shimmer Mechanical Pencils For Girls, 24-Count

You can easily advance the lead in these mechanical pencils for girls. They come in an array of pretty colors and have a sparkly look. There are 24 pencils in a pack.

Overall Take

Easy to ClickAdvancing lead in these mechanical pencils is quick and smooth.

  We Also Like Pre-Sharpened Floral Print Pencils For Girls, 10-Count

Pre-Sharpened Floral Print Pencils For Girls, 10-Count

You can use these pencils for girls right away as they come pre-sharpened. They have a bright and cheerful floral design. The pencils are perfect to use in school or at home.

Overall Take

Flower PowerThese pencils for girls come sharpened and ready to go.

  Strong Contender

Ticonderoga Black Light Activated Neon Pencils For Girls, 18-Count


Black Light Activated Neon Pencils For Girls, 18-Count

These bright pencils for girls come in a variety of neon colors and glow under a black light. They have latex-free erasers. The pencils come pre-sharpened to save you time.

Overall Take

Glowing AppearanceThese neon pencils for girls glow under a black light.

  Also Great

BUSHIBU Assorted Animal Erasers Pencils For Girls, 12-Count


Assorted Animal Erasers Pencils For Girls, 12-Count

These pencils for girls come topped with erasers in fun, colorful shapes. The pencils write smooth and are break-resistant. There are 12 pencils and erasers in the pack.

Overall Take

Whimsical ToppersThese pencils for girls come with cute cartoon erasers.

Buying Guide

Pencils are more than just items to include in a backpack for school. They enable people to express their thoughts and emotions. They also fuel creativity and imagination. Pencils can be plain or glittery, colorful or gray, mechanical or barrel. There are many different options to choose from when you’re looking for pencils for girls.

One of the things to consider when looking for pencils is the wood used to make the pencils. A high-quality variety of pencils typically uses incense-cedar wood, which has a smooth and straight grain. These kinds of pencils are easy to sharpen as the wood does not splinter. Low-cost pencils are usually made from basswood, white fir and poplar wood. These budget woods can splinter easily when sharpening, but they are highly affordable. The pencils are harder than those made from incense-cedar and there are some imperfections.

The core of a pencil is made with graphite and wax, not lead as is commonly thought. Graphite can be hard or soft and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In high-quality pencils, the graphite is directly in the center of the wood, whereas in budget pencils, the graphite can sit slightly off to the side of center.

Pencils come in a variety of shapes. For everyday use, hexagonal pencils are ideal as they are comfortable to hold. Round pencils, especially those that come in jumbo sizes, are great for beginners who are just learning how to hold a pencil. If you are looking for an ergonomic pencil, opt for a triangular one. While they are difficult to find, they are very comfortable to hold. If your pencils constantly roll away when you put them down, go with a flat pencil, sometimes referred to as a carpenter’s pencil.

What to Look For

  • When you have a lot of pencils at home, it can be hard to keep them from cluttering up a desk or workspace. Consider organizing pencils in baskets or tubs based on their use. For example, pencils for writing in one container, pencils for sketching in one container and pencils for coloring in another container.
  • If you have young kids who use the pencils, make sure they are easily accessible so they can grab them and get writing or drawing whenever the mood hits. Providing accessibility to their art supplies helps kids develop their sense of independence.
  • Some people prefer to have an eraser attached to the back of the pencil while others like to use a separate eraser. If you want to use the eraser on the back of the pencil, be sure to check the quality as some can leave grey smudges on the paper.
  • If you prefer mechanical pencils, keep in mind that you will need to purchase the lead separately. It can be hard to know how much lead is left in the pencils because you cannot see inside, so be sure to check it frequently so you don’t run out.
  • If you want to avoid sharpening pencils as soon as you get them, opt for ones that come pre-sharpened. This is especially handy if you’re buying a large pack of pencils as this can save you a lot of time with the sharpener.

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