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The Best Outdoor Lights

Last updated on November 10, 2021
Best Outdoor Lights

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SANJICHA Multimode Waterproof Outdoor Lights

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Multimode Waterproof Outdoor Lights

These outdoor lights have eight different mode options. They are ideal for different occasions such as festivals and holidays. The lights shine brightly and are waterproof.

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Several OptionsThese outdoor lights have eight different modes.

  Runner Up

KAQ End-To-End Extending LED Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack


End-To-End Extending LED Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack

These outdoor LED lights are highly safe and won't overheat. They are waterproof and fully sealed. The lights have several different lighting modes.

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Safe to UseThese outdoor lights are low-voltage and won’t overheat.

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Brightown High Efficiency Solar Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack


High Efficiency Solar Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack

These outdoor lights are incredibly bright with a 360-degree viewing angle, which means that they illuminate in every direction. The lights are highly efficient.

Overall Take

A Brilliant GlowThese outdoor lights have bright LED lightbulbs.

  Strong Contender

‎YIQU Decorative End-To-End Connectable Outdoor Lights


Decorative End-To-End Connectable Outdoor Lights

Create some festive cheer with these outdoor lights. They are ideal for use as holiday decorations. The lights have eight different modes.

Overall Take

Festive and CheerfulThese outdoor lights are ideal for the holidays.

  Also Great

YULETIME Miniature Bulb Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack


Miniature Bulb Outdoor Lights, 2-Pack

Create a traditional holiday look with these festive outdoor lights. They can be extended with end-to-end connections. The lights are well-constructed and durable.

Overall Take

Classic LookThese outdoor lights have a traditional festive look.

Buying Guide

Outdoor lighting is both functional and decorative. It can be used to illuminate dark corners around your home’s exterior or create a whimsical aesthetic. There are many types of outdoor lights available, and choosing the right kind of lights is a matter of determining your needs, outdoor space and ideal use.

Ceiling outdoor lights are overhead lights that have a fixed radius and shine light from above. They are best for enclosed outdoor spaces such as patios and pergolas with a ceiling. These types of lights create a well-lit and dramatic look that is perfect for both intimate and large gatherings. While ceiling lights go on a horizontal surface, wall lighting goes on a vertical one. They illuminate spaces such as walkways and entryways. Wall lighting often has a unique aesthetic such as a farmhouse style or modernist style.

Other options include post lights, which are lights that are mounted on railings, fences or posts. They can be used around walkways or paths where there are not many options for mounting lighting fixtures. Post lights can be mounted high up on tall posts so they cast a wide ray of light. Shorter posts provide visibility closer to the ground. Many types of post lights are powered by solar energy instead of electricity.

If you have beautiful gardens around your space, you may want to highlight the flowers, shrubs and trees with landscape lighting. These are also great for illuminating fountains and sculptures. Landscape lights can be mounted on posts or can be low-profile and close to the ground.

Flood lights are perfect for increasing security around your property as they shine a wide, bright beam of light in a specific direction. They can be set on a motion sensor so they are only triggered when there is some kind of movement in the space.

Another option is to string up some rope lights, which are small bulbs strung together on a rope-like fixture. These lights offer flexibility as you can conform the rope into different configurations, such as wrapped around a fence post or hung in a pattern along an exterior wall. Rope lights can be a permanent or temporary fixture.

What to Look For

  • When deciding on which kind of outdoor lights to get, it’s best to first look at the space you are trying to illuminate both in the daytime and in the dark. During the daytime, consider which areas of the space you want to light up. For example, is there is a walkway that should be lit up for safety reasons or would it be nice to have lighting on your porch so you can sit out there at night? When it is dark, take a look at what you can and cannot see as compared to the daytime. This will help you determine what kind of light you will need and where it should be installed.
  • If you want to be energy-efficient, consider putting outdoor lights on a motion sensor. This way, the lights will not be on all the time — only when the sensors detect some movement in a certain area. This is ideal for lights that are used for safety purposes.
  • Some outdoor lights are available in different colors and shades, which can change the mood of the space you’re illuminating. For example, lights with a yellow glow seem warmer than lights with a blue hue.

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