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The Best Office Desk Decorations

Last updated on November 4, 2021
Office Desk Decorations

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Our Picks For The Top Office Desk Decorations

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ScienceGeek Space Model Office Desk Decoration

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Space Model Office Desk Decoration

This office desk decoration is great for both children and adults. It's not only fun to watch, but also teaches kids about magnets and physics. Thanks to a 9-volt battery, all nine planetary bodies sway back and forth in a beautiful rhythm.

Overall Take

Entertaining and EducationalYou'll find this office desk decoration is perfect for any space-themed room.

  Unique Design

Crocon Positive Energy Gem Office Desk Decoration


Positive Energy Gem Office Desk Decoration

Are you looking for an office desk decoration that promotes an atmosphere of peace? This gemstone tree is the answer. It comes in 15 different shapes - all of which are made from either amethyst or rose quartz crystals.

Overall Take

Most RelaxingEach of these office desk decoration are handmade and designed to promote serenity, while also increasing concentration.

  Lifelike Look

Winlyn Herbal Artificial Plant Office Desk Decoration, 3-Piece


Herbal Artificial Plant Office Desk Decoration, 3-Piece

This set of three miniature artificial plants doesn’t need any water, no matter how real the included herbs look. They come with matching 9- to 10-inch-tall pots to make your office look well put together.

Overall Take

Trio of Faux HerbsThese office desk decorations are perfect for people who appreciate the look of natural beauty but do not have green thumbs.

  We Also Like

COOLBROS Elephant Phone Holder Pencil Stand Desk Decoration For Office


Elephant Phone Holder Pencil Stand Desk Decoration For Office

This is a cute storage holder that’s shaped like a little elephant. It has just enough room for your cell phone, a few pens or pencils, or even some makeup. The sky's the limit when it comes to keeping your desk in order with this office desk decoration.

Overall Take

Cute and UsefulKeep your workspace comfortable with this charming, stylish organizer.

  Also Consider

Viverie Artificial Succulent Office Desk Decoration, 4-Piece


Artificial Succulent Office Desk Decoration, 4-Piece

Each of these four miniature succulent plants is 2.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches high. They feature pink tones and matching white ceramic pots. Best of all, they’re artificial, so you don’t need to worry about spending time taking care of your plants.

Overall Take

Cool, Cute and TrendyIf you like succulents but won't have time to keep them healthy, these four office desk decorations are the perfect solution.

Buying Guide

Working for long hours at a desk can be stifling, but personalizing your space with some carefully chosen items can make things much more comfortable. The best kinds of office desk décor are not too distracting and give you a little happy boost throughout the day.

Plants make for nice desktop décor items and add a lovely touch of color to your space. Real cactus plants are a great choice because they need very little maintenance.

If you like to care for plants, choose smaller ones that won’t get too big and crowd your desk. Look for planters with eye-catching, relaxing designs or ones that come in a matching set of two or more.

Don’t have a green thumb? There are some very realistic-looking artificial plants out there. Alternatively, you can choose plants that may not look that authentic but are still pretty cool. You might also like to liven things up with some nice pictures or desk signs that add even more personality to your office.

If you’re more interested in functional desktop décor, shop for stylish pieces that hold cell phones, writing tools and more. These will keep your tools in one place, and you will be less likely to lose them. Coffee mug and drink bottle holders are also helpful and don’t take up a lot of space.

Also, feel free to upgrade your charging station, mouse, mousepad and speakers. After all, you spend a lot of time working at your desk and deserve a few embellishments to make you feel happy and comfortable.

What to Look For

  • Instead of buying a dozen different items for your desk, shop carefully and pick out a few good pieces. You don’t want to clutter your desk, after all.
  • Don’t ignore your walls. Hang up a few pictures (or plants) and use a good bulletin board or whiteboard if it helps you stay organized.
  • You can also stash some goodies in your desk, like cleverly designed paperclips, a good stapler and some healthy snacks.
  • Do not place lit candles on your desk, especially if you work with paper. Keep any candles at a safe distance and remember to blow them out when finished — or use flameless candles.

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