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The Best Multi-Purpose Pool Float

Last updated on July 20, 2023

We looked at the top 10 Multi-Purpose Pool Floats and dug through the reviews from 2 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Multi-Purpose Pool Floats.

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Our Picks For The Top Multi-Purpose Pool Floats

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LAYCOL Infant Covered Floatie

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Infant Covered Floatie

This pool floatie is made to keep infants comfortable — it includes an elevated front to prevent overturning, wide sides, double air chambers and a shoulder strap. The float itself is made from durable, leak-proof PVC material. The removable canopy is breathable and has SPF 50+ sun protection built in.

Overall Take

Fun PickYour infant will love floating around in this ring, which has a sun canopy for extra protection.

  Top Pick

Kakashi Semi-Submerged Hammock Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack


Semi-Submerged Hammock Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack

With this innovative hammock, you don't have to choose between lounging and staying submerged. Twin floating pillows carry your weight while your middle stays under the surface. The configuration also makes them more portable than traditional rafts.

Overall Take

Float Your WayKeep cool with these versatile floaters.

  Runner Up

FindUWill Removable Water Pillows Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack


Removable Water Pillows Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack

Thanks to hammock design, you can use this as a lounge or sit upright with your arms on the flotation devices. It's even comfortable outside the water when laid out on the sand. Inflation is easy and the mesh middle is quite durable.

Overall Take

Perfect Summer CompanionSit upright or lay back on this vibrant pool accessory.

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Sloosh PVC & Mesh Fabric Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack


PVC & Mesh Fabric Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack

The two pillows on this hammock are made of a soft PVC that can hold up to plenty of horseplay. When it's time to relax, the mesh middle is very supportive, especially for longer frames. The entire setup rolls up for maximum portability.

Overall Take

Fun and DurableKids or adults will love these tough but cozy floats.

  Strong Contender

PWOPWOE Buoyant Pillows Multi-Purpose Pool Float


Buoyant Pillows Multi-Purpose Pool Float

Even without an air pump, the pillows on this floater can be ready for pool use in no time. The vinyl material is sturdy the mesh middle is very supportive no matter what configuration it's in. Overall, a great accessory that you can fit in most any beach bag.

Overall Take

Easy to InflateThese vinyl pillows can be ready at a moment's notice.

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Kakashi 4-In-1 Vinyl Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack


4-In-1 Vinyl Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack

In the pool or on the lake, these floaters provide ample support. You can use them as a chair, lounge, twin head support or one of many other configurations. The set also comes with an air pump for easy inflation.

Overall Take

Alternative to RaftsUse the air pump to inflate and go.

Buying Guide

Let’s all raise an umbrella drink to the person who first said, “This pool is truly relaxing. But you know what would be even better? A floating lounge chair.” Pool floats have evolved in several ways since the first inner tubes came on the market in 1928, but the multi-purpose pool float might be the best design to date.

The basic configuration of a multi-purpose pool float might vary widely from model to model, but it’s basically a floating lounge chair that only has buoyant material near the head and feet. The two flotation devices are joined together by some kind of fabric, usually mesh. This is a game-changer for a variety of reasons. In the lounge chair configuration, it allows users to lay back with most of their body still submerged, but that’s just one of the many ways it can be used. If you sit directly between the floaties and use them as armrests, you can sit upright with just your torso above water. Straddle the fabric, and it becomes a pool saddle you can use for a variety of exercise routines.

Kids will find even more ways to play with and on this versatile float, so if you do expect younger swimmers to use it, you’ll want one that’s durable. Look for fabric that has secure stitching and can hold your weight plus at least a little more. Mesh is usually the default material, since it allows water through while still being supportive. Just be sure to buy a fine mesh unless you want that distinctive “waffle” pattern imprinted into your back after every use. Lycra and nylon hammocks can also be comfortable, though they may be harder to keep clean. Avoid using vinyl unless you swim primarily in a covered pool — this type of material will heat up quickly under the summer sun.

The kind of flotation devices also matter. There are a lot of benefits to inflatables, which are the most common type. They’re usually the least expensive option and are very portable if you’re making trips to the beach. Just make sure they’re easy to blow up, or be willing to pay a little extra for an air pump. Vinyl or acrylic inflatables will be the cheapest, but you can also find PVC floaties which are a bit more durable.

You can also find foam inflatables, and they might be more desirable if you’re using your float exclusively at home. Since they can’t deflate, they’re much less portable but they won’t lose their full buoyancy even if they get punctured a few times — a definite plus if you have kids.

There are also canvas floats, which are a little more rare. These are usually sealed and filled with beads or some other type of buoyant material. They can typically support a little more, so you might consider this if you’re on the heavier side. On the other hand, they’re heavier when taken outside the water and cleaning them can be a pain.

Whatever kind you pick, make sure that it work for your body type. The distance between the floats can make a huge difference, especially for people who are especially tall or short. Our advice? Try out as many kinds as you can. The testing process can be rigorous, but we’re sure you can muddle through with some tanning lotion and a nice fruity drink.

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Kakashi 4-In-1 Vinyl Multi-Purpose Pool Floats, 2-Pack

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In the pool or on the lake, these floaters provide ample support. You can use them as a chair, lounge, twin head support or one of many other configurations. The set also comes with an air pump for easy inflation.

What to Look For

Multi-purpose pool floats aren’t just great for lounging. If you use them effectively, you can even get in a low-impact underwater workout. Just straddle the hammock fabric with your legs hanging down. Then swing your legs back and forth in a walking motion, letting the water provide a little resistance. You’ll also be engaging your core as you try to maintain your balance. What other way can you get your steps in without ever touching the ground?

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