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The Best Metallic Balloons

Last updated on October 14, 2020

We looked at the top 7 Metallic Balloons and dug through the reviews from 0 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Metallic Balloons.

Best Metallic Balloons

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Our Picks For The Top Metallic Balloons

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Our Take
  Best All-Purpose

Brontothere 12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece


12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece

Overall Take

Includes 50 Metallic Latex BalloonsThis vibrant and colorful set of 50 metallic latex balloons is perfect for parties.

  Best for Style

Hiquaty 12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece


12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece

Overall Take

Metallic Balloon SetChoose this silver, pink and gold metallic balloon set for your next event.

  Best for Bachelorette

Aule Metallic 12-Inch Latex Balloons, 50-Piece


Metallic 12-Inch Latex Balloons, 50-Piece

Overall Take

Rose Gold Metallic BalloonsThis set of 50 rose gold balloons will add some youthful elegance to your event.

  Best for Professional Gatherings

kenandtom 12-Inch Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece


12-Inch Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece

Overall Take

Thick Blue Metallic BalloonsWhen you need durable latex balloons, choose these thick metallic blue ones.

  Best for Weddings

Treasures Gifted 12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons

Treasures Gifted

12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons

Overall Take

White Latex Metallic BalloonsThese metallic white balloons will work for any kind of festive gathering.

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The Best Overall

Brontothere 12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This set of 50 durable latex balloons includes seven different colors. These 12-inch balloons add elegance to your party, and they are safe to use near older children. Each balloon weighs 3.2 grams, and they can be filled with air, helium or water.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Hiquaty 12-Inch Latex Metallic Balloons, 50-Piece

Our Total Score


Our Take

Perfect for weddings, engagement parties, holidays and showers, the color palette of these balloons adds a distinctive touch to your gathering. Each order includes 10 silver, 10 pink and 20 gold metallic balloons. They are each 12 inches in size.

Our Metallic Balloon Buying Guide

When your event simply must make a big impression, turn to metallic balloons for a stylish touch. Metallic balloons come in different sizes, with 11 inches and 12 inches being the most common. You can find many other sizes as well, in countless standout colors.

Metallic balloons are sold in packs of around 50 to over 1,000! Your order may include one or two popped balloons, but this is part of the normal manufacturing process. Read reviews to learn whether the company you plan to buy from is notorious for including too many defective balloons in their packages.

Balloon colors often look slightly different after the balloons are inflated, but high-quality metallic balloons should retain their bright shine. It is fun to mix colors and coordinate them with your other party decorations. Many people create festive themes and choose matching colors.

Metallic balloons need to be inflated with air or helium. Air-filled metallic balloons last around two days, while helium balloons stay inflated for about one day. Remember that air-filled balloons do not float.

To inflate balloons with helium, locate the opening on the bottom (tail) of the balloon, and push it onto the pump or tank’s nozzle. Hold it in place while pressing the nozzle down. When it is filled enough, pull out the tail and pinch it shut. Keeping the tail pinched, wind it around your fingers and tie it into a knot.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Some people think it’s funny to swallow helium from balloons or tanks, because it makes their voices sound silly. Helium’s low density allows sound to travel twice as fast, so voices travel faster across vocal cords.

This party trick can be dangerous, though, because people can faint from the lack of oxygen. Serious injuries are rare, but to be safe, helium is best left inside the balloons.

The Metallic Balloon Tips and Advice

  • When you order your balloons, make sure to also buy matching ribbons (or contrasting, if you so choose) to go with them.
  • Search online for creative ways to display your balloons. Arches, banners and garlands are not overly difficult to make once you learn the necessary steps.
  • Do not over-inflate balloons, as this makes them more likely to pop. Hot sun and high temperatures are also not good for metallic balloons.
  • Keep metallic balloons away from children under 8 years of age.
  • It can be difficult to blow up a lot of balloons in a row, so you may want to buy an electric air balloon pump or helium tank.