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The Best Large Bulletin Board

Last updated on June 3, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Large Bulletin Boards

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Lockways Anti-Scratch Aluminum Frame Large Bulletin Board

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Anti-Scratch Aluminum Frame Large Bulletin Board

This large bulletin board is easy to use and comes with the mounting kit. It also includes 10 pushpins. The board is durable and has an anti-scratch frame.

Overall Take

StraightforwardThis large bulletin board comes with a mounting kit and pushpins for simple setup.

  Runner Up

Quartet Oak Frame & Natural Cork Large Bulletin Board


Oak Frame & Natural Cork Large Bulletin Board

This natural cork bulletin board is a classic option. It has an oak finish frame. The board is useful in any home, office or school.

Overall Take

Classic ChoiceThis large bulletin board is made from natural cork.

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Excello Global Products Combination Dry Erase & Cork Large Bulletin Board

Excello Global Products

Combination Dry Erase & Cork Large Bulletin Board

This versatile large bulletin board split into cork and dry-erase halves. It can be hung horizontally or vertically. The board is sturdy and great for long-term use.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis large bulletin board has dry erase and cork sides.

  Strong Contender

VIZ-PRO Aluminum Frame & Self-Healing Cork Large Bulletin Board


Aluminum Frame & Self-Healing Cork Large Bulletin Board

This large bulletin board has two mounting options: horizontal or vertical. It comes with the fixing kit to install the board either way. It is made from environmentally friendly cork material.

Overall Take

Mounting FlexibilityThis large bulletin board can be hung horizontally or vertically.

  Also Great

DexBoard Hook & Loop Compatible Fabric Surface Large Bulletin Board


Hook & Loop Compatible Fabric Surface Large Bulletin Board

This large bulletin board has a neutral grey look. The tackable surface is self healing. The board can be used with pushpins or velcro.

Overall Take

Sleek LookThis large bulletin board is a medium grey color that's more modern.

Buying Guide

If you want to share information with people — at home, at school or at work — using a large bulletin board is a great way to do so. It’s easy to put up notices and take them down without damaging walls or the board itself, making bulletin boards a convenient and straightforward choice. However, with so many different varieties available, it can be difficult to know what type of bulletin board is right for your needs.

The first thing you need to determine when selecting a large bulletin board is the placement of the board. Where will you hang it up and how will it work within the surroundings. For example, will the bulletin board go up in a school hallway or an office entrance? Will it be in your foyer or a storefront lobby? Consider what other elements are on the walls in that location and whether the bulletin board will be competing with them for attention.

You’ll also want to determine what the main purpose of the bulletin board will be. For example, in a family home, the bulletin board may be used to share information about upcoming kids’ activities and chores everyone needs to complete. At a school, the bulletin board may showcase students’ work, while at the office it may contain important memos or reminders of tasks. Knowing this information will help you determine the correct size of board you need to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to materials, many bulletin boards are made of cork. This is a sturdy and durable option which is perfect for handling a large quantity of papers over a long period of time. Plus, cork is available with different trims so you can make it work with the surrounding décor. Another option is vinyl, which is an anti-microbial choice good for healthcare and school settings. It’s easy to wipe down and reduce the spread of germs. Bulletin boards can be covered in fabric or Velcro, which makes mounting papers easy and fun. Some bulletin boards are made from a rubber composite material, which is environmentally friendly and durable. This option doesn’t show any wear and is fully moisture resistant.

What to Look For

  • The trim of the large bulletin board affects the look and how it works with the surrounding space. Many bulletin boards are timed with anodized aluminum, which you can find in silver or black. If you want to bulletin board to have a classy and more formal look, go with a wrapped edge so that it has the aesthetic or a picture frame.
  • Don’t like the brown color of cork that most bulletin boards have? You can change the color scheme by covering the board with colored paper or fabric. This way, you can make it match the décor of your space. Depending on the material, you can even try painting the bulletin board instead of covering it with another material.
  • If you don’t need to post information on the bulletin board too often, you may want to look into combination boards. These are boards where half the space is a whiteboard while the other half is a bulletin board. This makes the board multifunctional and offers you more flexibility in how you want to share information.
  • Bulletin boards are designed for extensive use and are self-healing, so you can continue to pin up papers without worrying about the durability of the board. What you should always avoid is getting the bulletin board wet, as moisture can warp the board and cause damage. Don’t leave the board outside during rainfall and don’t hang it up in a moist environment like a kitchen or bathroom.

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