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The Best Inflatable Pools

Last updated on September 20, 2023
Best Inflatable Pool

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Hesung Anti-UV PVC Inflatable Pool, 118-Inch

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Anti-UV PVC Inflatable Pool, 118-Inch

Designed for children ages 3 and up, this inflatable pool is a great way to keep kids cool during the hot summer months. The pool is made using a thick PVC material that is not easily punctured. It's rectangular in shape and can fit as many as two adults and four children.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickThis basic, yet durable inflatable pool has an affordable price tag.

  Runner Up

Members Mark Cushioned Seats Mosaic Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch

Members Mark

Cushioned Seats Mosaic Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch

With this uniquely designed inflatable pool, you'll be able to both float and sit. The pool features two cushioned seats that are positioned across from each other to encourage conversation. The built-in drain plug makes the pool easy to empty when fresh water is needed.

Overall Take

Built-In SeatingThis inflatable pool measures 10 feet in length and comes with a complimentary repair patch.

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Summer Waves Quick Install Filtering Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch

Summer Waves

Quick Install Filtering Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch

This high-quality inflatable pool has a diameter of 8 feet and a depth of 2.5 feet. It's designed to rapidly inflate, which means it will be up and ready to fill in minutes. Included with your purchase is a pool filter pump, a filter cartridge with a built-in chlorinator and a D filter cartridge for the pump.

Overall Take

Great Family PickThis budget-friendly inflatable pool is a great alternative to expensive above-ground pools.

  Strong Contender

Googo BPA-Free Easy Inflate Inflatable Pool, 118-Inch


BPA-Free Easy Inflate Inflatable Pool, 118-Inch

Larger families will want to go with this inflatable pool, which accommodates two adults and five children. The pool is quite deep and holds an astounding 312 gallons of water. With an electric pump, the pool inflates quickly. There are also two built-in drains to empty the pool and deflate it just as fast.

Overall Take

Thick and DurableThis inflatable pool folds up nice and small for easy storage during the winter.

  Also Great

CHICLIST Reinforced Thermal Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch


Reinforced Thermal Inflatable Pool, 120-Inch

Constructed using a premium PVC, this inflatable pool is strong and durable. It's large enough to fit two adults and two children and inflates in just 3 minutes with an electric pump. As an added benefit, this pool features a white coating that is designed to reflect the sun to keep it from becoming too hot.

Overall Take

Inside and Outside FunUse this inflatable pool outdoors with water in the summer sun and indoors as a ball pit during the colder winter months.

  Best Overall

H2OGO! 79-Inch Blue Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool


79-Inch Blue Rectangular Inflatable Pool

This durable pool is built to last through lots of summer fun. It has two interlocking quick release valves and extra-wide side walls. Plus, the walls have a textured pattern for grip and stability.

Overall Take

Durable ConstructionThis pool has extra-wide side walls for stability and durability.

Buying Guide

There’s nothing like the refreshing feeling of jumping into a swimming pool. But in-ground pools are extremely expensive, between the initial purchase of the pool itself and ongoing maintenance. One affordable alternative is an above-ground pool, especially the type you can easily deflate and store when you’re finished using it.

Before you shop for an inflatable pool, though, there are a few things to consider. One of the first things you’ll need to think about is just how big you want your pool to be. Larger inflatables with high walls can be great for both adults and kids, but they also require a bit more work to set up and take down. If your children will be doing all the swimming, there are plenty of smaller options that will be both more affordable and easier to handle. Then there are pools built specifically for babies, with an adult watching nearby, of course.

The setup process is especially important for an inflatable. Since you likely won’t be inflating it and leaving it for months, you’ll need a pool that you can be put in place in a matter of minutes. Once you’re finished with it, the process of draining the water and breaking it down is essential as well. A drain plug comes in handy for easily getting the water elimination process started. Once the pool is empty, also consider where you’ll store it, and factor that into the size of pool you choose.

Safety is another big consideration when shopping for an inflatable pool. Some inflatables have walls that are on the flimsier side, which means swimmers will need to avoid leaning against or sitting on it. If little ones are using the pool, keep in mind that it’s important to still have an adult supervisor around at all times, even if the pool is on the shallow side.

What to Look For

  • Your biggest concern when shopping for any type of pool is safety, particularly if your little ones will be using it.
  • Durability is also important. Look for pools that come with a repair patch so that you can fix any tears that can appear with horseplay, even in the most durable pools.
  • Setting up your pool can become serious work. Valves that make draining and filling the pool quickly means you can set it up or take it down in a matter of minutes. Note that you might need a pump for inflation, so be sure to check manufacturer specifications before choosing a pool. Drain plugs come in handy when you’re finished using your pool, as well.
  • Before you start shopping, consider just how your pool will be used. If your pool is for your baby, a small pool with a soft floor might be best. However, as your kids get older, a larger size will be more your speed. If you have teens or want room for the entire family to play in the water, make sure you choose a pool that is both deep and wide enough for everyone.
  • You probably already know the conditions in your own backyard. No matter which pool you choose, it can help to put a tarp down first to avoid damage from sharp objects like rocks and sticks. Either way, you’ll need a flat area to set it on to keep swimmers safe and ensure water distributes evenly.
  • Extra features and accessories can be helpful. For instance,  some models come with an umbrella that acts as a sunshade. You should still use sunscreen, but it offers that extra layer of protection.

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