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The Best Hitch Bike Rack

Last updated on February 15, 2023

We looked at the top 18 Hitch Bike Racks and dug through the reviews from 61 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Hitch Bike Racks.

Best Hitch Bike Rack

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Our Picks For The Top Hitch Bike Racks

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Leader Accessories Tilt-Down Dual-Arm Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike

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Leader Accessories

Tilt-Down Dual-Arm Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike

The arm on this hitch bike rack swings downward, allowing for trunk access without removing the bicycles. That makes it a more functional choice for individuals and couples who enjoy visiting various trails and bike paths. Additional features include adjustable mounting saddles and an anti-wobble system.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickTransport your bicycles for less with this affordable hitch bike rack.

  Runner Up

XCAR Alloy Steel Adjustable Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike


Alloy Steel Adjustable Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike

Reliable is the best word to describe this hitch bike rack. It's constructed using a strong alloy steel that can accommodate two bicycles with a combined weight of up to 80 pounds. Since it has a universal design, it fits all 2-inch trailer hitches.

Overall Take

Tilt-Down ArmThere's also the option to get this hitch bike rack in a 4-bike design.

  We Also Like

Allen Sports Folding Easy Install Hitch Bike Rack, 4-Bike

Allen Sports

Folding Easy Install Hitch Bike Rack, 4-Bike

You can safely attach up to four bicycles to your car with this sturdy hitch bike rack. The ultra-long arms and patented tie-down system will keep your bikes firmly attached to your car. Thanks to its durable construction, this bike rack won't let you down.

Overall Take

Ultra-Secure DesignThis hitch bike rack uses a special tie-down system to keep your bikes safe.

  Strong Contender

KAC K2 Quick-Release Anti-Wobble Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike


K2 Quick-Release Anti-Wobble Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike

With this hitch bike rack, you'll be able to plan an afternoon ride with the one you love. The rack utilizes an anti-wobble system to keep the bikes from moving during transport. It's easy to install and even comes with a locking hitch pin to prevent theft.

Overall Take

Great for CouplesYou'll find this hitch bike rack has a high weight capacity of 60 pounds per bicycle.

  Also Great

Saris Bones Multi-Vehicle Compatible Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike


Bones Multi-Vehicle Compatible Hitch Bike Rack, 2-Bike

Since this hitch bike rack holds up to four bicycles at a time, it's an excellent choice for families who want to go for a ride at the park. It offers wide compatibility, fitting most vehicles on the market. The rack is also strong, stylish and made with ratchet straps that are easy to use.

Overall Take

Best for FamiliesYou can feel good about purchasing this hitch bike rack, as it's constructed using 100% recycled materials.

Buying Guide

Riding a bicycle is a fun, healthy activity that can be enjoyed by those of all ages and abilities. Most people who enjoy spending time outdoors will tell you bike riding is a must-do no matter where you are. It’s a great way to explore new terrain, work on fitness, spend time outside and bond with friends.

But riding around your neighborhood gets old after a while, and getting your bike from point A to point B is always a concern. If you don’t have a truck bed with room for bike storage, a bike rack is your solution.

These handy contraptions allow you to secure a bicycle to the back of your truck, SUV or car. This way, you won’t have to fully dismantle the bicycle or buy a trailer to tote them around.

There are a number of different kinds of bike racks on the market. The racks reviewed here are all the hitch-mounted style. That means these racks attach to the trailer hitch located at the back of the vehicle. Because trailer hitches are built to carry heavy items, you won’t need to be too concerned about weight distribution. Hitch-mounted bike racks are a dependable way to go.

Bikes on a hitch-mounted bike rack are held a few inches from the back of the vehicle, which significantly reduces the risk of them scratching your car windows or paint.

Your vehicle may or may not already have a trailer hitch attached. If not, head to your local parts store to purchase one. Then, you can use any of these bike racks to bring your bicycle wherever you go hassle-free.

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What to Look For

  • Drivers should be aware that carrying bikes using a hitch-mounted bike rack will extend the length of the vehicle. That’s important to keep in mind when backing up, parking and maneuvering the vehicle in tight spaces.
  • If you are a casual rider and would like to be able to remove your rack easily and often, the weight of the bike rack is crucial. A lighter bike rack also means better gas mileage for your vehicle.
  • Trunk access is always a concern with bike racks, especially for those who are using them on road trips. It would be a hassle to have to remove your rack every time you stopped to grab something from the trunk. Look for a feature that allows the rack to tilt, eliminating the need for its removal and allowing free access to the trunk.
  • Having your bike so close to your car may cause some anxiety. What if the bike falls and damages the car? That could be a costly fix. There are accessories, called swing away racks, that prevent this issue.
  • Be sure to always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Like wearing a seatbelt in the car, strapping on a protective helmet is an extremely easy way to safeguard yourself in case of an accident. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, accidents do happen. Some states even have helmet laws in place, heavily penalizing violators.
  • With most bike racks, you will still need to use your own cable bike lock to reduce the risk of theft if leaving them on the rack overnight or while you are away from your car. While these locks don’t completely eliminate the chance of theft, they highly reduce the risk. Casual thieves won’t typically take the time or effort to cut a bike lock. Cable bicycle locks are relatively inexpensive and can be bought at any bicycle shop.
  • If your vehicle has a spare tire on the back, you will probably need a hitch extension to install a hitch-mounted bike rack. This will move the bikes and the rack even further out from the back of your vehicle, so they don’t rub against the spare tire. Hitch extensions can be found at any auto parts retailer.

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