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The Best Hanging Bird Houses

Last updated on April 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hanging Bird Houses

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Dawhud Direct Polyresin Acorn Cottage Hanging Bird House

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Dawhud Direct

Polyresin Acorn Cottage Hanging Bird House

A hand-painted floral design makes this hanging birdhouse stand out, no matter where you display it. It measures 8 by 6 inches, and totals 18 inches in length when hung by its attached jute cord. It's made with durable poly resin to ensure it will hold up even with exposure to the elements.

Overall Take

Whimsical DesignThe colorful, hand-painted design of this birdhouse makes it a fun addition to any outdoor space.

  Runner Up

Glitzhome Distressed Painted Wood Hanging Bird House


Distressed Painted Wood Hanging Bird House

Texturing and detail make these birdhouses stand out. Each birdhouse is made to be easy to hang and maintain, with an attached ring and surfaces that can be wiped clean. You can choose from a variety of design options, including houses and a fun taco truck.

Overall Take

Unique LookThis birdhouse is available in a variety of unique options, including a rustic home with leaves, a church and a taco truck.

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Woodlink BB1 Inland Red Cedar Hanging Bird House

BB1 Inland Red Cedar Hanging Bird House

A 1/2-inch air ventilation gap at the top and a drain hole at the base make this birdhouse highly efficient. The easy-open front makes cleanup easy, and the reforested, kiln-dried red cedar material is both sustainable and durable. It measures 7 1/2 by 7 1/4 by 13 inches, and has 2-inch zinc-plated screws for hanging.

Overall Take

Designed for ComfortMade from kiln-dried red cedar, this birdhouse is made with birds in mind, including ventilation and a drain hole.

  Strong Contender

OUSHUAI Weatherproof Resin Hanging Bird House


Weatherproof Resin Hanging Bird House

Attractive while also being functional, this birdhouse is great for attracting birds while also livening up your space. The birdhouse has a plug at the bottom that makes cleanup easy, and a 1.6-inch entrance helps encourage ventilation. It’s designed to resist both water and wind and retain its color even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Overall Take

Endures Bad WeatherHigh-quality materials and attention to detail ensure this birdhouse will resist fading and handle water and wind.

  Also Great

Flying Spoon Handmade Wooden Hanging Bird House

Flying Spoon

Handmade Wooden Hanging Bird House

Made from 100% natural wood, this birdhouse is both durable and functional. It’s hand made with plenty of attention to detail, and it includes a cable that you can use to hang it from branches or a hook. It measures 6.3 inches long by 6.3 inches wide and is 6.3 inches in height. It’s suitable for wrens, chickadees, tits and sparrows.

Overall Take

Classic OptionIf you’re looking for a traditional birdhouse, this 100% natural wood one is a great option.

Buying Guide

Birds can make your outdoor time much more entertaining. Whether you’re enjoying your morning cup of coffee or looking out the window while you work, having birds nearby can take your outdoor view to the next level.

A birdhouse can help encourage birds to spend time nearby. But birdhouses aren’t just for your entertainment. Certain species of birds can benefit from birdhouses, which replace the natural cavities found in trees. Bluebirds, in particular, seek out cavities found in trees. Those can include holes that form naturally over time or the ones drilled by woodpeckers. Typically, though, there are only so many cavities for the many birds seeking them out.

A birdhouse provides that natural nesting area, letting birds seek shelter when they need it. You can also slip birdseeds inside your birdhouse, giving birds another great reason to seek it out. Although you can build your own birdhouse, it will take time and materials. You’ll also need to know the best way to construct it to make sure it has all the features birds want in a birdhouse. It’s far easier to buy one that’s been constructed with those features in mind.

Where you set up your birdhouse is important. If you have more than one birdhouse, set them at least 25 inches apart. Birds tend to be territorial, and having them spaced out means more than one can be occupied at once. It’s important to ensure you have your birdhouse in a safe area. Having plenty of trees and shrubs nearby, as well as a fresh source of water, will keep the “no vacancy” sign up on your birdhouses.

For some bird species, brighter colors can serve as a beacon, but other birds look for birdhouses that blend with their surroundings. If you hang a birdhouse and find it doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, you can always paint it a different color and see if that helps.

What to Look For

  • Birdhouses come in a variety of shapes and styles. You can even find some in fun shapes, like food trucks and campers. These can liven up your outdoor spaces.
  • Pay close attention to the size of any birdhouse. You’ll want one that’s large enough to accommodate the birds you’ll attract, but if it’s too large, the birds might not feel secure inside.
  • Plan how you’ll hang your birdhouse. The one you buy should have something attached for hanging it. Make sure that attachment is secure enough to hold the birdhouse even when strong winds blow it around.
  • Lightweight birdhouses might not be strong enough to withstand the weather they’ll encounter. Wood and polyresins can typically take the pressure.
  • On those hot summer days, a birdhouse can trap heat inside. Proper ventilation will keep the air moving, preventing it from turning into a sauna. In addition to the entrance hole, you’ll need small holes as close to the top of the birdhouse roof as possible. The holes shouldn’t be in the roof, though, because that will allow too much rain through, potentially flooding the floor of the structure.
  • In addition to ventilation holes toward the top, a birdhouse needs a hole in the floor to let water pass through. Otherwise, the birdhouse will fill up with water and send birds away rather than attracting them.
  • You can hang your birdhouse from a limb or hook, but mounting it is also an option. Whether you’re mounting to a tree, a wooden pole or a building, make sure you have the proper screws and mounting brackets. Some birdhouses come with these extras.
  • A birdhouse needs to be away from activity. As enjoyable as it might be to watch birds while sipping coffee on your deck or patio, birds will stay away while you’re out there. Look for a space away from these hubs of activity.

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