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The Best Grill Scraper

Last updated on September 11, 2023

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GRILLART Steel Wire Loop Brush & Grill Scraper

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Steel Wire Loop Brush & Grill Scraper

This grill scraper is highly versatile and works on many different types of grills. It has a wide surface that results in faster cleaning. For safety, there are no bristles on this tool.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis grill scraper works on gas, charcoal, porcelain, smoker or other grills.

  Runner Up

Char-Broil Grit-Infused Removeable Head Grill Scraper


Grit-Infused Removeable Head Grill Scraper

Extend the life of your grill with this grill scraper. It features thick nylon bristles that get to work lifting away stuck on foods, so your machine is ready to prepare the next meal. Additional attractive features include a multi-blade scraper head and a tool hook tail for lifting grates.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickYou'll love the affordable price tag on this grill scraper.

  We Also Like

Alpha Grillers Triple Head Brush & Built-In Grill Scraper

Alpha Grillers

Triple Head Brush & Built-In Grill Scraper

Clean your grill grates easily and quickly with this scraper, which has a large surface area. It is ideal for all types of grills, including porcelain. The scraper has a long handle to protect your hands from the heat.

Overall Take

Effortless ScrubbingThis grill scraper has a large surface area for a speedy clean.

  Strong Contender

Grill Rescue Professional-Grade Heat-Resistant Scraper

Grill Rescue

Professional-Grade Heat-Resistant Scraper

Whether your grates are ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron, this grill scraper has you covered. It's food-grade safe and features a reusable pad that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The scrapes utilizes the power of steam to clean and can withstand high temperatures.

Overall Take

Designed to LastThis professional-grade grill scraper won't leave any residue on your grates.

  Also Great

The Sage Owl Easy Clean Notched Grill Scraper

The Sage Owl

Easy Clean Notched Grill Scraper

Use this compact grill scraper to clean grill grates, open bottles or use in campgrounds. This brass scraper can be used on a cold grill or with a handle on a hot grill. The scraper is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Overall Take

Protects SurfacesThis small grill scraper has many different purposes.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re grilling meats, veggies, fruit or breads, it’s important to make sure you clean off the grill after using it. This way, when you start your next culinary adventure, you have a clean slate with no leftover food stuck on it. After all, you don’t want your meal to taste like burnt crumbs and old grease. The right grill scraper can help you properly clean off the surface.

There a number of different types of grill scrapers available, each for a specific purpose and with unique advantages. A grill brush is typically made from metal or wood and has a long handle to protect your hands from the heat of the grill. It is best to use a grill brush that does not have any steel bristles that can become dislodged and end up in your food.

A similar tool is a grill scraper, which is typically made of wood. It provides an efficient way to clean up because of its narrow profile, which you can turn to fit between the grates and clean any gunk off the sides of the grates. Some scrapers are also made from metal and offer durability for years to come.

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Grill stones are much like wooden grill scrapers as they adjust to the shape of your grates as you use them. It is normal for a grill stone to wear down through usage, but the surface still provides an efficient way to clean. If you want to use a grill stone while the grill is still hot, be sure to look for one with a long handle to protect yourself from the heat. Some grill stones come without a handle, so they are used only after the grill has cooled down.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important things to look for in a grill scraper is the length of the handle. Keep in mind that grills are hot, even for some time after you have turned them off. Be sure to get a scraper that has a long enough handle to protect your skin from the heat of the grill.
  • If you have a grill with stainless steel or cast iron grates, you’re in luck. You can use any kind of grill scraper, brush or stone on these types of materials. However, if you have grates that are coated in porcelain or enamel, then it’s important to get a grill scraper that is made with brass so that it won’t chip the coating.
  • There have been some cases where metal bristles have dislodged from the scraper and ended up in cooked food, which people have mistakenly ingested. This can lead to severe complications, so it’s vital to go with a grill scraper that does not have bristles, or has ones that are sturdy and will not come out.
  • Depending on how you want to store your grill scraper, you might want to opt for one that has a way to hang it up. Some have holes in the handle itself while others have a tie attached to the handle that you can use to hang the brush.
  • Some grill scrapers have plastic near the head, which is the section that is touching hot grill grates. Plastic can melt when in contact with high heat, so be sure to check the design of the scraper to make sure there is no plastic in that area. You don’t want to end up with melted plastic on your grill or in your food.

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