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The Best Golf Grip Tape - 2021

Last updated on April 7, 2021

We looked at the top 7 Golf Grip Tape and dug through the reviews from 6 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Golf Grip Tape.

Best Golf Grip Tape

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Our Picks For The Top Golf Grip Tape

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Our Take
  Our Top Pick

Alien Pros Golf Grip Wrapping Tape, 3-Pack Cubic

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Alien Pros

Golf Grip Wrapping Tape, 3-Pack Cubic

Overall Take

Removes Any HassleThis golf grip tape is simply peel and stick, eliminating any need for solvents and drying time.

  Runner Up

Wedge Guys Golf Grip Tape Kit

Wedge Guys

Golf Grip Tape Kit

Overall Take

Won’t Bunch UpThese solvent-based grip tape strips are easy to install, making the regripping process simple.

  We Also Like

GolfWorks Double Sided Golf Club Grip Tape


Double Sided Golf Club Grip Tape

Overall Take

Works with Many GripsYou can use this 33 meter-long double-sided golf grip tape roll as a versatile all-purpose option.

  Strong Contender

Brampton Golf Grip Tape


Golf Grip Tape

Overall Take

Professional QualityThis double-sided solvent-activated golf grip tape is used by professionals and offers great value.

  Also Great

Shurtape GG200 Double Sided Golf Grip Tape


GG200 Double Sided Golf Grip Tape

Overall Take

Easy ApplicationThis solvent-based golf grip tape roll is simple to use.

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Alien Pros Golf Grip Wrapping Tape, 3-Pack Cubic

Our Expert Score


Our Take

You don’t need solvents to apply this one-inch-wide golf grip tape — just peel and stick. The tape is available in fun and fresh new styles with 3 to 24 strips per set depending on which option you choose. These are sweat-absorbent and anti-slip and allow for easy regripping anytime.

Our Golf Grip Tape Buying Guide

Golf grip tape helps ensure you have a strong grip on your clubs. It reduces slipping, increases comfort and enhances your performance. If you’re a regular golfer, experts say you should change out your grip tape every year or every 40 rounds. Regripping helps combat the effects of wear from heat, dirt, and oils that transfer to the club from your hands.

You can have a pro shop regrip your clubs for you, but this is an easy and inexpensive DIY. There are many different types of golf grip tape available on the market, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Solvent-based golf grip tape is one of the most common varieties. The tape requires the application of lubricant to adhere properly. It may come with the chemical solvent either already on the material or in a bottle. However, you may have to purchase solvent separately as well. It’ll evaporate once used, leaving the tape securely bonded to the end of the shaft. The solvent takes a few hours to dry before you can use the club.

Another variety is water-based grip tape. Instead of using a solvent, you have to use a mixture of dishwashing soap and water to set the tape. This kind of application typically takes over 24 hours to dry before you can use your club.

Newer varieties of golf grip tape don’t require any solvent or water-based application at all. Some of these are as easy as peel and stick, and can be used right away after applying. This is a quick and convenient option.

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Golf is a strange word in the English language, so how did the game of golf become to be called that? It is likely that the word golf is derived from the Dutch word kolf or kolve, which means club. In 15th-century Scotland, the term used for the game was goff or gouff. It’s possible that all of those different words were the etymological origin for the term golf, since it is not clear where the game itself was actually established first. The term “golf” has been used as we know it since around the 16th century.

The Golf Grip Tape Tips and Advice

  • Consider the size of the golf grip tape you need and whether individual strips or a roll of tape is best for you. Individual strips are pre-cut to a specific length and are ideal if you are only applying them to a few clubs. If you’re using the tape for many clubs or numerous other people, then opt for a roll of golf grip tape instead.
  • Golf tape comes in two widths — 3/4 inch and 2-inch. With 3/4-inch tape you’ll spiral-wrap the tape down the length of your shaft, leaving gaps. Two-inch tape, designed to be applied lengthwise, provides a bit of overlap. However, you’ll find some tape advertised as 2-inch but which actually comes in at slightly less than that (look for a more exact measurement in millimeters), which may be a better fit for your golf clubs depending on what you want.
  • There are many alternate suggestions for golf grip tape, including masking tape, painter’s tape and duct tape. It’s best to stick with the right tool for the job, though. Otherwise, it could affect your performance on the green.

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