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The Best Desk Grommet

Last updated on October 12, 2022
Best Desk Grommet

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Tm-home Removable Lid Organizing Desk Grommet

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Removable Lid Organizing Desk Grommet

Constructed using a thick ABS material, this desk grommet 5-pack is both strong and reliable. Each grommet is designed to fit a 2-inch hole and can hold up to 1.5-inches in cords. The grommet can be used with or without the provided lid to meet your organizational needs.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickYou'll find this desk grommet comes with an affordable price tag.

  Runner Up

Jgstkcity Flush Mount Charging Ports Desk Grommet


Flush Mount Charging Ports Desk Grommet

Add functionality to your work space with this power desk grommet. It fits 2-inch holes and provides outlets for your laptop, cellphone and tablet. The grommet is heat-resistant up to 1782 degrees Fahrenheit and built with such safety features as over-current and short-circuit protection.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsWith this desk grommet, you'll have a choice between black, dark gray and white.

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HYCC Flexible ABS Desk Grommet, 5-Pack


Flexible ABS Desk Grommet, 5-Pack

Made from sturdy ABS plastic polymer material, each item in this set of five 2.4-inch grommets is designed to fit into 2-inch holes on your desk. The slitted design makes it easy to pass a few cords through and route them in different directions.

Overall Take

Handy SetThese sturdy desk grommets are perfect for organizing cables and wires that are 1.5 inches in diameter or less.

  Strong Contender

‎Jetland Bronze Finish Removable Lid Desk Grommet, 2-Pack


Bronze Finish Removable Lid Desk Grommet, 2-Pack

These upgraded desk grommet sets come in different sizes and quantities to meet your home office needs. The items are made of zinc with high-quality metallic finishes. Each circle has a removable lid and an overhanging lip.

Overall Take

Sophisticated LookYou don’t have to stick with basic black. Instead, choose one of these these upgraded, durable desk grommets.

  Also Great

SATINIOR Plastic Detachable Lid Desk Grommet, 10-Pack


Plastic Detachable Lid Desk Grommet, 10-Pack

This easy-to-install pack of 10 black desk grommets lets you pass your cords through your desk surface with ease. Each has a removable lip cover to allow for more wires. This product measures 1.85 inches by 0.75 inches and works with 1.5-inch holes.

Overall Take

Always Have ExtrasThis 10-pack of desk grommets features detachable lids so you can run extra wires through in an orderly way.

Buying Guide

Strictly speaking, a grommet is an edged ring that is inserted into a hole in material, which makes it easier to thread something through. You’ve likely seen grommets on shower curtains, shoes and clothing. They are also used on desks so cords and wires can pass through.

Desk grommets are made from plastic, rubber or metal and come in a variety of different sizes. They are great for keeping wires out of your way; they make more room for other things like keyboards, coffee mugs and paper. They also declutter your work surface. To use them, you simply put a wire in the grommet hole, run the cord through and snap on the cover.

Some work desks already come with appropriately-sized grommet holes. If not, you will need to drill the holes yourself. While you could just run the cords through a cutout hole, grommets cover the remaining sharp edges and protect the wires.

When shopping, look at the product descriptions to see what size the grommets are and what size holes they will fit in. In most cases, you can use a 35-millimeter drill to make the holes needed for a grommet cover. Some grommets have “lips” to hold them in place, and these generally sit up slightly higher than the desk surface.

Desk grommets may have removable covers to make things look neater, but you can take these off if you want to fit in more cords. Just be considerate of electrical safety and do not overload your outlets.

If you don’t want a traditional round black desk grommet, they are also sold in many other materials, colors and finishes. Some have more oblong or rectangular shapes to them if that’s what you prefer.

What to Look For

  • If your desk doesn’t have built-in holes for grommets, you’ll need to drill them yourself. Think about the most unobtrusive place to make the holes before you start drilling. A back corner nearest the outlet is usually a good choice.
  • You’ll also want to place the holes where they’ll be of the most utility to you. Where is your computer or monitor going to be located? What other items will sit upon the desk, and where will the cords go?
  • Basic black plastic and rubber are the least expensive and simplest grommet options.
  • Brass, silver and gold finishes look sleeker and more polished.
  • Some grommets are made differently with built-in outlets and USB ports, but these are typically more expensive.
  • You can also find flush-mounted grommets, ones made from wood and larger grommets that work well for trash disposal.

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