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The Best Colored Paper Clips

Last updated on October 27, 2021

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Our Picks For The Top Colored Paper Clips

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VINACO Coated Striped Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack

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Coated Striped Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack

You’ll get 450 striped paper clips in assorted colors in this fun set, 150 pieces that are large and 300 pieces that are medium-sized. The clips are vinyl coated to make them resist rust and corrosion as well as protecting your pages from tearing. The paper clips come in a hard plastic case with six individual compartments that makes storing them...

Overall Take

Great for ClassroomsThe fun striped design of these paperclips makes them a great fit for classrooms or projects involving children.

  Runner Up

Mr. Pen Vinyl Coated Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack

Mr. Pen

Vinyl Coated Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack

You’ll get 450 1.3-inch paper clips in this set in a variety of bright colors. The colors included are red, green, yellow, blue, white and pink. Each paperclip is made from rust-resistant metal and coated in vinyl to protect your fingers and important papers.

Overall Take

Easily OrganizedThese paper clips come in multiple solid colors that are sorted in a handy plastic box.

  We Also Like

‎JAM Baby Blue Colored Paper Clips, 100-Pack


Baby Blue Colored Paper Clips, 100-Pack

This set includes 100 blue paperclips packed in a small reusable box for keeping them together between uses. Each paper clip is made from steel wire and coated in high-quality vinyl to create a smooth connection with the papers you’re attaching. The paper clips are standard size, which makes them perfect for clipping small stacks of paperwork.

Overall Take

Manageable QuantityThis set of 100 blue paper clips is perfect for people who don't do a ton of clipping.

  Strong Contender

Officemate Coated Assorted Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack


Coated Assorted Colored Paper Clips, 450-Pack

You’ll get 450 paper clips in this set, 200 in No. 2 size and 150 in giant size. The paper clips come in six solid colors: red, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. The paper clips also come in a handy storage tub that has each color divided into a separate compartment.

Overall Take

Useful At WorkIf you need a large set of colorful paper clips that can sit neatly on your desk, try these.

  Also Great

VINACO Rustproof Assorted Colored Rustproof Paper Clips, 400-Pack


Rustproof Assorted Colored Rustproof Paper Clips, 400-Pack

You’ll get 400 paper clips in this set, with 250 medium- and 150 jumbo-sized ones. The paper clips feature premium-quality metal and a vinyl coating to ensure they last. The handy container even keeps each color divided.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesThese multi-colored paper clips can be used in a wide range of applications, from bookmarks to important documents to business cards.

Buying Guide

In the digital era, you may use less paper than your parents and grandparents, but paper is often still an unavoidable part of life. When you have wrangle stacks of paperwork related to your job, your taxes, your medical history or something else, a paper clip is essential.

But this ubiquitous office supply has advanced over the years from the basic, twisted pieces of metal they once were. Today’s paper clips are often coated with vinyl, which preserves the rust resistance you get with metal clips. Vinyl has another benefit, as well. It softens the hard edges of the metal so that they don’t snag or leave creases in the papers you’re attaching to each other.

Due to this vinyl coating, you’ll also find paper clips in a wide variety of colors now. Many now come in bold, bright colors that liven up your documents. But you can also find more neutral colors like white and black if you want to keep things simple.

One great thing about multicolor paper clips is that you can color-code your paperwork. This makes it easy to group documents that go with one project together. If you’re setting up a filing system, you can even match your paper clips to the file folders you’re using for maximum effect.

Paper clips come in a variety of sizes, as well. The most common size of paper clip is known as No. 1, but you can go for bigger and smaller paper clips. A No. 1 clip is 1 3/8 inches in length, while No. 2 paper clips are slightly smaller and No. 3 paper clips are even smaller, roughly the same length as a quarter. For bigger stacks of paper, look into jumbo paper clips, also called giant paper clips, which measure 1 3/4 inches.

Typically, you’ll buy paper clips in boxes of at least 100. Today’s paper clips don’t just come in boxes, though. A plastic container will make it handy for storing them between uses to help you keep things organized.

What to Look For

  • Solid-colored clips aren’t the only way to liven up your paperwork. You can also find paper clips in striped patterns.
  • If your document handling needs vary, consider a paper clip set that has an assortment of sizes. You’ll get enough standard-size clips to satisfy your day-to-day needs, along with larger and smaller sizes when you need them.
  • Paper clips often come in bulk assortments. If you don’t need hundreds of paper clips on hand, you might want to look for an option with a smaller size. You could also buy one assortment and divide it up with other office buddies or set it in the storage room for other employees to use as the need arises.
  • Paper clips are made from material that doesn’t corrode or rust. But they can get out of control if you don’t store them in one place. It’s important to store your paper clips if you aren’t using them. If they end up on the floor, they can damage the vacuum cleaner. To avoid this, consider holding a magnet above the floor and moving it around to pick up any that you’ve dropped.
  • If you don’t like the storage container that comes with your paper clips, don’t worry. You can buy organizers that are sold separately. Some use magnets to hold the clips in place, while others let you push a button to dispense a clip. If you have a desk drawer, you can buy an organizer that will neatly hold your paper clips.
  • Paper clips have many uses beyond bundling documents. They can serve as bookmarks if you need to save your place in the book you’re reading. You can also pull them apart and use them for unclogging a spray bottle or repairing eyeglasses. If you have a broken zipper, simply grab a paper clip and use it as a zipper pull. Paper clips have even been used for lock picking and for unfastening certain types of handcuffs.

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