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The Best Biotin Supplement - 2022

Last updated on January 16, 2020

We looked at the top 10 and dug through the reviews from 24 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best .

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Our Take
  Best Overall

Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Havasu Nutrition

Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg

Overall Take

Best for Cellular HealthUse the Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg to increase your metabolism, optimize your hair growth and firm up your skin and nails.

  Also Consider

SugarBearHair Vegetarian Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg


SugarBearHair Vegetarian Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 60-Count

Overall Take

Vegetarian FormulaIn addition to biotin, the SugarBearHair Vegetarian Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 60-Count also feature the following vitamins: A, C, D, E, B-6 and B-12.

  Best Softgels

Sports Research Biotin Supplement Infused with Coconut Oil, 5,000mcg

Sports Research

Biotin Infused with Coconut Oil, 5,000mcg

Overall Take

Non-GMO Project VerifiedThe Sports Research Biotin Infused with Coconut Oil, 5,000mcg, keeps things simple with just biotin and coconut oil in each pill.

  Best Value

Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg


Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg

Overall Take

Delicious Blueberry FlavorThe Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg has a high potency to provide consumers with maximum benefits.

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The Best Overall

Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg

Our Expert Score


Our Take

If you have trouble swallowing pills, you'll love the easy-to-chew Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg. Each gummy is packed with vitamins and biotin for healthy hair, skin and nail growth. The formula is vegetarian-based with no high fructose corn syrup and has just 15 calories per serving.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg

Our Total Score


Our Take

Choose the Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg if taste is important to you. This gummy has a delicious blueberry flavor that will make you look forward to taking your vitamins. Vitafusion was the Recipient of the 2018 ChefsBest Excellence Award, which means you can feel confident in the quality of the product. We love that the formula is free of synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, dairy, gluten and high-fructose corn syrup.

Our Buying Guide

If your body is deficient in biotin or you’d like to give your body a little extra cellular support, you may want to consider adding a supplement to your morning routine. There are several different biotin supplements on the market, so how do you know which one to choose? Read this guide and you’ll learn what to look for in the best biotin supplement.

Simplemost Media

Determine what form you need the supplement to be in. You can get biotin in a powder, soft gel, capsule, liquid and even in a gummy. Individuals who have difficulty swallowing pills will want to stick with the powder, liquid or chewable gummy. When opting for a supplement you don’t swallow, you’ll want to keep taste in mind. Powders and liquids can be added to a smoothie, cup of applesauce or container of yogurt, but a gummy will need to have a delightful flavor or you’ll have a hard time getting it down.

Simplemost Media

Review the biotin supplement’s product label to ensure it is free from unwanted ingredients. For example, the Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg don’t contain any high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic dyes, artificial sweeteners, gluten or dairy. Other companies also have formulas that are free of gelatin and sugar.

Check the calorie content next. You’ll find the Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg only has 15 calories per serving, so it won’t interfere with any healthy eating plans or keep you from meeting your weight loss goals.

Simplemost Media

Look for any additional health benefits that may be offered by the biotin supplement. Although some are designed to simply increase your biotin levels, others, like the SugarBearHair Vegetarian Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 60-Count, add other essential nutrients. You may find the supplement also contains vitamins A, D, C and E. A host of other B vitamins may also be thrown into the mix, such as folic acid, vitamin B-6 and vitamin B-12.

Simplemost Media

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the companies ethics. The Sports Research Biotin Infused with Coconut Oil, 5,000mcg are Non-GMO Project Verified and manufacture and package their supplement in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified facility. Other companies never test their products on animals and use only vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Biotin is classified as a B vitamin as well as a coenzyme. It has several names, including vitamin B7 and vitamin H. Since biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, it is flushed out of the body easily. If one becomes deficient, incorporating more biotin-rich foods into your diet or adding a supplement would be recommended. This is necessary to help the body keep an optimal amount of biotin in its system.

Here are a few food sources that are known for containing biotin:

  • Nuts and legumes, including almonds, walnuts, soybeans and pecans.
  • Cheese, like cheddar, blue cheese, American and Camembert cheese.
  • Egg yolks
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • Organ meats, such as liver and kidney.
  • Avocados
  • Salmon

Why does your body need biotin? It turns out biotin is important in the health of a person’s hair, skin and nails. It also helps with the body’s metabolism, which is important for weight loss.  Since it supports nerve health, individuals with peripheral neuropathy take it to help relieve their nerve pain.

A deficiency in biotin doesn’t occur as often as some other vitamins, except for during pregnancy. That’s why many prenatal vitamins include biotin in their formulas. Your doctor can order a simple blood test if you suspect you may be deficient in this important nutrient.

The Tips and Advice

  • Check the sugar content on the biotin supplement’s nutrition label before you buy. The gummy versions may contain more sugar than you’d like, especially if you’re following a low-sugar diet.
  • Always consult with your family physician before starting any supplements. The doctor can review the ingredients and determine whether they are safe for your particular body and whether they interfere with any medication you are currently taking.
  • Eating more than the recommended dose can cause stomach aches in some people.
  • Keep the biotin supplement stored up and out of the reach of children. This is especially important with the gummy version, which kids may think are delicious snacks. They make child locks for cabinets that contain medications and supplements.
  • Supplements should also be stored in a cool, dry location.
  • Dietary supplements are not required to be evaluated by the FDA. Keep this in mind as you review any health claims made by the biotin supplement manufacturer.
  • Look for any third-party testing or awards the biotin supplement manufacturer may have received. For example, if a brand surpasses quality standards, it may be awarded the ChefsBest Excellence Award. Other companies may have had their products tested and certified by a third-party so that you know they are selling a high-quality product.
  • Check the expiration date on your biotin supplement every so often. You don’t want to consume the supplement once it has expired, as it may no longer be as potent or as effective as you need it to be.
  • Consider going with a biotin supplement that has a satisfaction or money-back guarantee. Some companies offer a 90-day money-back guarantee to give customers a chance to try the supplement. If you don’t notice any positive effects within the three-month time frame, you’ll be able to get a full refund.
  • Instead of looking at how many gummies or soft gels are in each biotin supplement container, you need to look at the number of servings. Divide the price by the number of servings to compare prices. You’ll find the Sports Research Biotin Infused with Coconut Oil, 5,000mcg and the Vitafusion Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 5,000mcg fall on the lower end of the price range. The Havasu Nutrition Biotin Gummies 5,000mcg sits in the middle, while the SugarBearHair Vegetarian Biotin Gummy Vitamins, 60-Count commands the highest price per serving.

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