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The Best Weighted Blanket For Kids

Last updated on August 31, 2022

We looked at the top 11 Weighted Blankets For Kids and dug through the reviews from 61 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Weighted Blankets For Kids.

Best Weighted Blanket For Sensory Kid

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Our Picks For The Top Weighted Blankets For Kids

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  Top Pick

Quility Removable Cover Weighted Blanket For Kids, 5-Pounds

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Removable Cover Weighted Blanket For Kids, 5-Pounds

Overall Take

Comfort is KingThis weighted blanket for kids promotes a restful night's sleep with just enough pressure to feel like you're being hugged.

  We Also Like

AN Easy Care Hypoallergenic Weighted Blanket For Kids, 3-Pounds


Easy Care Hypoallergenic Weighted Blket For Kids, 3-Pounds

Overall Take

Best for Sensitive SkinYou'll find this weighted blanket for kids comes in a variety of weights ranging from 3 to 30 pounds.

  Strong Contender

MAXTID Polyester Weighted Blanket for Kids, 5-Pounds


Polyester Weighted Blanket for Kids, 5-Pounds

Overall Take

Provides Sensory InputYou'll find this weighted blanket for kids is easy to keep clean, as it's machine washable using the cold setting.

  Also Great

Sweetzer & Orange Restful Weighted Blanket for Kids, 5-Pounds

Sweetzer & Orange

Restful Weighted Blanket for Kids, 5-Pounds

Overall Take

Dual SidedDinosaurs, unicorns and sleepy animals are all cute patterns that grace these weighted blankets for kids.

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The Best Overall

Quility Removable Cover Weighted Blanket For Kids, 5-Pounds

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This weighted blanket for kids has a 100% super soft cotton outer layer that feels great against the skin. In addition to comfort, this weighted blanket also features seven layers that not only keep you warm at night, but also give you the feeling that you're being hugged. The result is a peaceful night's sleep, so you wake up feeling rested and ready to tackle a new day. We loved that this blanket unzips for easy washing. The dotted texture looks cool and is fun for kids to touch.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Sweetzer & Orange Restful Weighted Blanket for Kids, 5-Pounds

Our Total Score


Our Take

The soothing touch provided by this weighted blanket for kids and a good storybook are all you need to get your little one to sleep at night. The blanket is made to supply just enough pressure to help a child feel safe. It's also breathable to keep kids cool in the summer. During the winter, kids can utilize the included cover for another layer of warmth.

Our Weighted Blanket For Kids Buying Guide

A weighted blanket may help your child relax at the end of a long day. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets that are filled with materials like plastic pellets or glass beads. Being under the weight of this kind of blanket can provide a sense of security and calm for both children and adults.

There are many benefits to using a weighted blanket. The extra weight on top of the child when they sleep helps them feel as though they being hugged. This can be very soothing for children of all ages. Weighted blankets don’t just have to be used at night time. They can also provide comfort during the day if your child is having a difficult time. Sometimes, just sitting on the couch with a weighted blanket can also provide comfort.

Keep in mind that the weight of the blanket is something that needs to be right for the child’s size. Do not use an adult’s blanket on a child. Weighted blankets for children should be no more than 10% of the child’s body weight. So if your child is 50 pounds, for example, then the weighted blanket should weigh no more than 5 pounds. Before using a weighted blanket for a child, be sure to consult with your doctor. Keep in mind that children under one year of age should not use a weighted blanket. When buying a weighted blanket, look for one that fits your child’s body, not their whole bed. If the blanket is too big, it will get dragged towards the ground because of the extra weight. As a result, the blanket may fall off the bed, disrupting your child’s sleep and sense of comfort.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Weighted blankets can make great gifts since you can select the exact color or pattern for your recipient. Plus, they are cozy, soft and comforting, no matter who you’re giving them to.

The Weighted Blanket For Kids Tips and Advice

  • When selecting a weighted blanket for your child, the first things to look at are the size and weight of the blanket. It’s important to ensure that the blanket is no more than 10% of your child’s body weight for safety reasons. Plus, the blanket should fit the child’s body but not be too big. If it is, it can fall to the floor and disrupt their sleep. Some weighted blankets are available in various weights starting at 5 pounds and maxing out at 23 pounds. Others measure 41 by 60 inches, and are designed for children around 80 pounds.
  • In addition to the actual weight of the blanket, it’s important to look at the weight distribution. Weighted blankets are effective when the weight of the pellets inside the material is evenly distributed across the blanket. However, in some blankets, the pellets have a tendency to slide down to the edges so the weight is no longer even. Look for a model that has seams of 4 by 4-inch squares across the blanket to ensure that the pellets stay even and don’t fall down towards the edges.
  • As with all children’s products, look for a weighted blanket that can be washed and easily cleaned. Many weighted blankets can be used with a duvet cover, so the outer layer can be washed when it gets dirty. Some models come with a removable cover so maintenance is headache-free.
  • Keep the fabric of the blanket in mind, ensuring your child isn’t allergic to the material. A breathable fabric, like bamboo or natural cotton, ensures they won’t get too warm under it.

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