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The Best Fishing Floats - 2020

Last updated on November 19, 2020

We looked at the top 7 Fishing Floats and dug through the reviews from 6 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Fishing Floats.

Best Fishing Floats

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Our Picks For The Top Fishing Floats

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Our Take
  Our Top Pick

Bomber BSWPPPPY Paradise Popper X-Treme Pro Popper Fishing Float


BSWPPPPY Paradise Popper X-Treme Pro Popper Fishing Float

Overall Take

Versatile Fishing FloatYou can catch many different types of fish with this cork popper-style fishing float.

  Versatile Pick

Big Worm Fishing Large & Small Fishing Float Bobbers, 16-Count

Big Worm Fishing

Large & Small Fishing Float Bobbers, 16-Count

Overall Take

Great Addition to Your Tackle BagGet a variety of different large and small bobbers in red and white.

  Best Weighted

Betts Billy Boy 94 Weighted Snap-On Fishing Floats, 6-Piece


Billy Boy 94 Weighted Snap-On Fishing Floats, 6-Piece

Overall Take

Maintains PositionThese fishing floats are weighted to help them remain stable and upright.

  Perfect for Trout

Dr.Fish Oval Foam Fishing Rig Floats, 30-Pack


Oval Foam Fishing Rig Floats, 30-Pack

Overall Take

Effective and HandyThese brightly-colored fishing floats are ideal for trout fishing and self-made rigs.

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The Best Overall

Bomber BSWPPPPY Paradise Popper X-Treme Pro Popper Fishing Float

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This cork fishing float is especially efficient in shallow water and works well for beginners because it doesn't get snagged easily. The fishing float is made in China with high-quality material.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Big Worm Fishing Large & Small Fishing Float Bobbers, 16-Count

Our Total Score


Our Take

You get 16 different bobbers of varying sizes, designed to work on multiple sizes of fish. Each floater has a classic red and white color scheme, as well as a special top and bottom to easily secure it to fishing line.

Our Fishing Float Buying Guide

In fishing, you’ll find floats, bobbers, and sinkers that are used in similar ways. Floats and bobbers help suspend your bait more easily at the level of the fish, while sinkers take your line to lower depths where fish reside. These all come in different shapes and sizes and have different features.

Fishing floats are a great way to attract fish to your bait when underwater visibility is low. You can use them as a visual reference point so you always know where your bait is.

There are many different types of fishing floats available. The kind you need will depend on where you’re fishing, what the visual range is like in the water, the current wind speed, the size of the bait and the depth of the water.

You may need to experiment some to figure out which float will work best for you. You can choose from many different types, including wagglers, stick floats, pole floats, cork poppers (which may make a bit of noise) and egg-shaped floats (which can navigate around rocks and sticks). Choosing the right float may make the difference between a good fishing day and a haul that includes nothing at all.

Simplemost Fun Fact

  • When using fishing floats and bobbers, you can use a variety of bait. You can even mix and match bait depending on the type of fish you’re looking to catch and the body of water you’re in. Float fishing works with magnetic trout worms, live bait and beads. You don’t need to switch up your rod setup with bait changes if you’re using fishing floats.
  • Did you know you can actually fish using floats and bobbers at night? Unlike with other types of fishing, the light-colored floats help you know exactly where your bait is at all times. this way, you don’t have to stop fishing when the sun comes down. Some even come with lights!

The Fishing Float Tips and Advice

  • Consider what shape and color of float works best for your needs. Ideally, a brightly-colored one will provide the best visibility.
  • To keep your fishing float vertical when it hits the water, you need to add some weight. Smaller weights are best for smaller fishing floats, while heavier weights are best for larger ones. Weights typically come in a teardrop shape.
  • The size of the fish you’re looking to catch will also affect the kind of fishing floats you need. Salmon, muskie and steelheads will need a large and heavy float, while panfish will need a small and light one.
  • If you’re fishing in fast-moving water in lakes and streams, you’ll want to go with a long and large fishing float. If you’re fishing in a relatively still body of water, then opt for a small, thin fishing float.
  • If you’re new to fishing, float fishing is an excellent cost-effective option. Floats and bobbers are wallet-friendly, and you can use them with almost any type of fishing pole. Using fishing floats and bobbers is also a good way to teach kids how to fish.

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