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The Best Body Brush - 2021

Last updated on December 31, 2020

We looked at the top 9 Body Brushes and dug through the reviews from 29 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Body Brushes.

Best Body Brush

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Our Picks For The Top Body Brushes

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Our Take
  Best All-Purpose

Metene Long Handle Body Brush


Long Handle Body Brush

Overall Take

Two Kinds of BristlesThis body brush has a soft side and a stiff side.

  Eco-Friendly Pick

POPCHOSE Natural Bristle Body Brush


Natural Bristle Body Brush

Overall Take

Natural Boar BristlesThis body brush is made from eco-friendly and natural materials.

  Travel Pick

C.S.M. Body Brush Wet & Dry Body Brush


Body Brush Wet & Dry Body Brush

Overall Take

Cleanses and StimulatesThis body brush has bristles and nodules for a unique feel.

  Best Set

HOMMIESAFE Silicone Face & Body Brush


Silicone Face & Body Brush

Overall Take

Ideal for Your Whole BodyThis set comes with one body brush and one facial brush.

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The Best Overall

Metene Long Handle Body Brush

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This versatile body brush has two kinds of bristles: soft and stiff. It can be used wet or dry. The long-handled design makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach places.

Our Body Brush Buying Guide

If you’re looking for glowing skin that looks healthy and radiant, it’s time to get a body brush. This is a special beauty tool that is used to brush off the dull layer of flaky skin at the top. A body brush can help you to unclog pores, remove any dead skin and exfoliate your body. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants smooth skin that feels soft and looks shiny. In addition, body brushing can actually help to redistribute fat that is stored in your skin. This smooths out your cellulite so your skin looks firmer and tighter.

You can dry brush your body before you take a bath or shower. You can then rinse the brush clean, and use it again in the bath. This double action provides the best results for your skin. Brushing your body should be done for a few minutes each day and can be done on a daily basis. Just be sure to use the right kind of brush so that you don’t irritate your skin.

Simplemost Fun Fact

When brushing your skin, it’s best to brush towards the heart. This means that if you’re brushing your arms, you should start near your fingers and brush towards your shoulder. It’s best to use small and firm brush strokes. You can also use a circular motion where you have more room, such as on your back or stomach. Be sure not to press too hard, as this can hurt your skin. If you break the skin or cause any irritation, it’s best to take a break till your skin heals.

The Body Brush Tips and Advice

  • When selecting a body brush, the shape is important because it will determine where on your body you can reach. A brush with a small handle is great for easily accessible parts of your body, such as your arms and legs. However, you will have to bend in order to reach your lower half. However, a body brush with a long handle is ideal for reaching your back, or the bottom half of your legs if you have trouble reaching that area.
  • The bristles of the body brush are key. You don’t want to get anything too soft, as that will not provide you with the benefits you need. However, bristles that are too stiff may irritate and hurt your skin. Opt for something in the middle in terms of firmness. Bristles can be made from natural material, nylon or silicone. Keep in mind that bristles tend to shed after a lot of use, so it’s best to replace your body brush when this starts to happen.
  • Most body brushes can be used both in wet and dry situations. This provides you with additional flexibility as you can use the brush in multiple ways. However, keep in mind that some brushes are just for dry use and some are just for wet use, so read the instructions carefully.

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