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The Best Back Massager

Last updated on January 12, 2022

We looked at the top 10 Back Massagers and dug through the reviews from 34 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Back Massagers.

Best Back Massager

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Our Picks For The Top Back Massagers

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Our Take
  Best Overall

InvoSpa Adjustable 3D Heated Back Massager

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Adjustable 3D Heated Back Massager

Overall Take

Quick ReliefTurn on this back massager's infrared heat setting and enjoy increased circulation throughout your body.

  Lightweight Build

Mighty Bliss Lightweight Powerful Back Massager

Mighty Bliss

Lightweight Powerful Back Massager

Overall Take

Compact DesignSince this back massager is both lightweight and small in size, it fits neatly in both suitcases and carry-on bags.

  Most Versatile

RENPHO Battery Powered Portable Back Massager


Battery Powered Portable Back Massager

Overall Take

5 Interchangeable Head AttachmentsYou can get a variety of massage sensations thanks to the multiple head attachments.

  Choose Your Color

Nekteck Faux Leather Adjustable Back Massager


Faux Leather Adjustable Back Massager

Overall Take

Ergonomic DesignThis back massager comes with a built-in infrared advanced soothing heat function.

  Also Consider

Papillon Ergonomic Cloth Back Massager


Ergonomic Cloth Back Massager

Overall Take

Use Virtually AnywhereThe fabric surrounding this back massager is both environmentally friendly and skin friendly.

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The Best Overall

InvoSpa Adjustable 3D Heated Back Massager

Our Expert Score


Our Take

Whether you work or play hard, this back massager provides the relaxation and relief you need at the end of a long day. You can use the shiatsu massager on your neck and back, as well as your legs, arms and feet. It features eight massage roller balls and three different speed settings.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

RENPHO Battery Powered Portable Back Massager

Our Total Score


Our Take

This back massager comes with five unique head attachments, so you can find the right massage sensation for you. It can be used on the back, feet, calves, shoulders, arms, legs and more. Plus, it has an automatic shut-off feature to avoid overheating.

Our Back Massager Buying Guide

Millions of people are plagued with backaches every day. An achy back can be caused by injuries, health issues, sleeping on a lumpy mattress or sitting in an uncomfortable position all day. Regardless of why you have a back ache, a back massager can provide some relief.

However, there are so many different options on the market that it’s difficult to know which one is right for the kind of pain you have. Back massagers can be designed to target specific areas like the upper or lower back, and have different options like heat and vibration.

An electric back massager is a common option that is easy to use. It’s typically shaped like a wand or pad, and you can maneuver it around your back to target the source of your pain. This is a good option if you’re not able to visit a massage therapist and need to tackle your back pain as soon as possible.

Opt for back massagers that have a shiatsu feature, which mimics the hands of a masseuse using this Japanese technique. For those who have knots in their back, a kneading feature helps to work them out. Back massagers with a heat feature also help to ease back pain and can be a therapeutic choice if you need some comfort and relief.

Using a back massager provides a wide variety of benefits. In addition to relieving your backache, the massage can help to improve your overall circulation. During a massage, your body gets more oxygen delivered to your muscle cells. Plus, a massage can help make you feel more relaxed and joyful. It releases endorphins to relax your nervous system and reduce anxiety. Not only that, you can actually have a better night’s sleep after a back massage. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, it’s worth seeing if a back massage can help.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Not only does a back massage help you relieve pain and feel more relaxed, it can also actually improve your overall posture. Getting a back massage releases restrictions in your muscles and joints, allowing for a more natural posture.

In addition, a massage can help relieve tension headaches. Next time you feel a bad one coming on, using your back massager can make it less intense, especially if you suffer from chronic tension headaches.

The Back Massager Tips and Advice

  • Before you buy a back massager, it’s important to think about where your pain is specifically located on your back and how much area it covers. This will help you choose the right shape and size of the back massager. For the shape, you need to make sure it’s designed to target the source of your pain. The size should be large enough to cover the area where you have the most pain.
  • For many shoppers, portability is key because they want to be able to take the back massager with them on vacation or to work. If that’s the case, pay attention to the size and how easy it will be to transport in a bag or purse. You’ll also need to see if it can work cordlessly and whether the batteries can hold a charge for a long time.
  • Take a look at the massaging features and how the back massager actually works. The number of massage nodes on the massager will affect how deep and intense a massage you can have. Some back massagers use a percussion style of massage which provides a deep-tissue massage. For those that like the Japanese style of massage, look for a shiatsu feature. If you have trouble with knots in your back, make sure the back massager has a kneading feature.
  • Getting a back massager that heats up is an excellent choice if you’re looking for pain relief. Make sure that the massager has an automatic shut-off function so that it doesn’t overheat and get damaged.
  • Keep an eye out for back massagers with multiple intensity settings. There may be days when you only want a light massage and others where you need something more intense. Multiple settings will enable you to get the comfort you need.

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