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The Best Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set - 2021

Last updated on June 14, 2021

We looked at the top 8 Wooden Spoon & Spoon Sets and dug through the reviews from 10 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Wooden Spoon & Spoon Sets.

Best Wooden Spoon & Spoon Sets

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Our Picks For The Top Wooden Spoon & Spoon Sets

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Our Take
  Best Overall

AIUHI Natural Teak Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set, 8-Piece

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Natural Teak Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set, 8-Piece

Overall Take

High Temperature ResistanceAll of the pieces in this wooden spoon & spoon set are temperature resistant up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

  Bamboo Build

Zhuoyue Bamboo Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set, 6-Piece


Bamboo Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set, 6-Piece

Overall Take

Lightweight and StylishSince this wooden spoon & spoon set is made from 100% natural bamboo, it's both eco-friendly and biodegradable.

  Set of Spoons

OXO 1130780 Good Grips Wooden Spoons, 3-Piece


Good Grips Wooden Spoons, 3-Piece

Overall Take

Solid Beech Wood SetThese spoons are durable, and are made from one sturdy piece of wood.

  Elegant Choice

Eddington 50002 Handcrafted Italian Olive Cooking Wooden Spoon


Handcrafted Italian Olive Cooking Wooden Spoon

Overall Take

Decorative and Durable ToolThis high-quality wooden spoon & spoon set is made in Europe from carefully sourced olive wood.

  Great with Woks

IMUSA USA PAN-10011W Bamboo Spoon Cookware, 3-Piece


USA Bamboo Spoon Cookware, 3-Piece

Overall Take

Perfect for Non-Stick CookwareThis bamboo spoon set is great for use with woks, frying pans and pots.

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The Best Overall

AIUHI Natural Teak Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set, 8-Piece

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Our Take

You'll find this wooden spoon & spoon set is eco-friendly, as it's 100% handmade using a natural teak wood. There are eight total pieces, including spoons, salad forks and spatulas. At the end of each utensil's handle is a hook for easy hanging.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

IMUSA USA PAN-10011W Bamboo Spoon Cookware, 3-Piece

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Our Take

This versatile wooden spoon & spoon set includes a spoon, scoop and spatula. These bamboo spoons are great for stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying, steaming and scooping rice. The smooth surface won’t scratch the non-stick coating on your cookware.

Our Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set Buying Guide

Whether you’re a professional chef or a budding home cook, one of the most essential tools in your kitchen is the humble wooden spoon or a wooden spoon set. Wooden spoons and sets are useful whether you’re making soup or strawberry shortcake, versatile in all of its roles. The key job of a wooden spoon is stirring. Wooden spoons typically have a wide base, which makes it easier to move large amounts of food around in your pot or mixing bowl. The long, sturdy handle offers both control and comfort, so you can easily stir the food.

Another important task the wooden spoon helps with is scraping bits of food from the bottom of the pot. This is particularly useful when you’re deglazing the pan, making a pan sauce, or braising meat. The wooden surface is smooth so it doesn’t scratch the bottom of your metal pans. And as any good cook knows, you have to taste your food while you make it. A wooden spoon is the perfect shape to be able to lift both liquids and solids from the pot to your mouth.

There are many different shapes of wooden spoons, and they each have their own purpose and benefits. The basic round wooden spoon is highly versatile, perfect for mixing salads, stirring soups and mixing batters. It’s the most common type of wooden spoon you will find. The slatted wooden spoon has vertical openings in the spoon, so liquid can drain through them. This spoon is great for stirring or scraping meals like pasta and hearty stews. The wooden spatula is another useful tool for your kitchen. This one is great for tossing stir-fries or making scrambled eggs.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Wooden spoons are not only one of the most useful kitchen tools around, but they are also one of the oldest. In fact, wooden spoons are one of the earliest recorded kitchen utensils ever made and used by humans. This is due to the fact that they were simple to carve, and the material needed to make them was found all around. The word spoon actually translates to “chip of wood”.

Spoons have been discovered by archaeologists from thousands of years ago, as far back as the Roman period in the city of London. Many cultures from long ago were excellent woodworkers, such as the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. These and many other ancient peoples carved practical wooden spoons for domestic uses.

The Wooden Spoon & Spoon Set Tips and Advice

  • When you’re looking to buy wooden spoons, take an inventory of the cooking utensils you already have so you can purchase ones to complement your set. You’ll want to make sure you have round wooden spoons in different sizes, as well as a slatted wooden spoon and a wooden spatula. You can find sets that come with multiple types of wooden spoons, or buy each spoon individually.
  • Take note of the type of wood your spoons are made out of. This will give you an idea of the quality you’ll get. Aim for wooden spoons that are made out of solid beech wood, bamboo or olive wood for the best results.
  • When it comes to the handle of the wooden spoon, the optimal length is 14 inches. This is long enough so that the spoon can sit against the walls of the pot without falling completely inside. It’s also short enough that it is not cumbersome or in the way while you cook. Keep this in mind when buying your wooden spoons. One of the most frustrating things is setting your spoon up against the side of the pot and having it fall into the food.
  • Depending on your kitchen setup, you may want to look for wooden spoons that have holes at the end of the handles. This will enable you to hang up your wooden spoons and easily access them while cooking.
  • Maintaining your wooden spoons properly ensures that they last a long time. The wood is already durable, but taking good care of your spoons means they will remain sturdy and useful for years. Wash your spoons in warm water and dish soap after each use. Make sure they fully air dry before putting them away. Sanitize your wooden spoons every 6-8 weeks with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will make sure that you don’t contaminate your food with any bacteria. If you have a particularly special spoon, you can oil it with mineral oil to keep it from drying out.

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