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The Best Water Bottles

Last updated on February 2, 2022

We looked at the top 6 Water Bottles and dug through the reviews from 26 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Water Bottles.

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Our Picks For The Top Water Bottles

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Our Take
  Top Pick

Nalgene Leak-Proof BPA-Free Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Leak-Proof BPA-Free Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Overall Take

Simple and DurableYou'll find this water bottle a good option when you need a higher capacity, many color choices and durability.

  Runner Up

Takeya Originals Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Originals Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Overall Take

Good for Temperature ControlOffering insulation for hot and cold drinks, this bottle is easy to fill, carry and use.

  We Also Like

Simple Modern Summit Vacuum Insulated Straw Lid Water Bottle

Simple Modern

Summit Vacuum Insulated Straw Lid Water Bottle

Overall Take

Many Size and Color OptionsWhether you need a very large water bottle or you prefer a cool design pattern, there are plenty of options with this bottle.

  Strong Contender

HYDRO CELL Inner Copper Plating Sweat-Proof Water Bottle


Inner Copper Plating Sweat-Proof Water Bottle

Overall Take

Offers Lots of FlexibilityFeaturing a wide selection of color and size options along with multiple caps, this water bottle can fit many needs.

  Also Great

Iron Flask 3 Different Leak-Proof Lids Water Bottle

Iron Flask

3 Different Leak-Proof Lids Water Bottle

Overall Take

Multiple Drinking OptionsIf you'd like the option to swap lid styles, this water bottle offers this benefit, plus several size and color choices.

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The Best Overall

Nalgene Leak-Proof BPA-Free Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Our Expert Score


Our Take

Available in a 32-ounce size, this plastic bottle features a large opening for easy filling and cleaning and it can handle both hot and cold drinks. You can also choose from 26 color choices to fit your tastes. The plastic doesn't contain BPA.

Our Water Bottle Buying Guide

Whether you plan to use it at work, at home or on the go, a reusable water bottle offers an eco-friendly alternative to single-use bottles — and it comes with convenience. You can easily refill your drink any time you need to, and you can usually use the bottle for other liquids, too. Some bottles will even keep your drink at the right temperature throughout the day.

To start exploring water bottle options, first consider your planned use for it, since water bottles come in many styles and sizes. If you want something portable, a slender water bottle that holds maybe 16 ounces can be easy to carry, though you’ll have the tradeoff of more frequent refills. On the other hand, if you plan to use the bottle during long trips or activities, you might want a larger bottle that can hold 32 ounces or more despite being heavier and bulkier.

You also get a lot of variety when it comes to water bottle materials. You’ll want to consider them all carefully since they have different pros and cons depending on your use. These include glass, plastic, stainless steel and aluminum water bottles, and you can find them in all kinds of colors.

Glass water bottles are easy to clean in the dishwasher and don’t affect your water’s taste, but they are also fragile and lack insulation. Plastic bottles, on the other hand, are lightweight and come in many styles, but they can break down sooner, affect the water’s taste and present health issues if they contain bisphenol A (BPA).

When looking at metal water bottle options, aluminum bottles usually aren’t too heavy, but they can also contain BPA and affect the water’s taste. Stainless steel bottles, on the other hand, come with many benefits like insulation for hot and cold drinks, durability, versatility and portability. However, they are heavier than some other materials and may require hand-washing.

Along with finding a water bottle made of the right material, you’ll want to consider the bottle’s mouth and lid. Some bottles will have wide mouths so that they’re easy to fill and clean. The lid can also have different attachments that fit your drinking style. While some bottles just have a lid that twists on and off, others have a convenient built-in spout or straw that might even be attached to a water filter.

Finally, make sure to get a water bottle that’s easy to carry. Many water bottles will have a handle or strap attached for your convenience. However, others do not have this feature, and such a bottle would work best if you plan to carry it in a bag rather than by hand throughout the day.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Did you know that commercial bottled water likely originated in London in 1622? A plant called Holy Well collected and sold water that had developed a reputation for being healing in the region. Commercial bottled water would come to the U.S. in 1767 by a company called Jackson’s Spa.

Here’s another fun fact: If you purchased single-use water bottles, you could go through 217 a year on average. This means that using a reusable water bottle can save a lot of waste and money. While you’d need to pay an upfront cost for the bottle, your savings could add up to hundreds of dollars annually by making the switch.

The Water Bottle Tips and Advice

  • During your research, you might find that a single water bottle doesn’t work for all your activities. For example, you might want a simple workout-style bottle for the gym, as well as an insulated bottle that can keep liquids hot and cold as needed. In such cases, you might consider getting a few water bottles for flexibility.
  • If you purchase a water bottle that uses a filter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before use. For example, you’ll usually need to activate the filter by running it under water or soaking it, and you’ll likely need to replace the filter after a few months of use. Also, avoid putting anything other than water in such bottles.
  • It’s a good idea to wash your water bottle often, preferably daily, to avoid bacteria building up in it. You can check with the manufacturer to see if you can simply put the bottle in the dishwasher. Otherwise, you can use some water and dish soap and give the bottle, cap and any other components a thorough wash.
  • You’ll find that manufacturers may list different times when it comes to how long insulated bottles can keep drinks warm or cold. For example, this might be 8 to 12 hours for warm drinks and 18 to 24 hours for cold ones. For the best results, start with iced water to keep your drink coldest the longest, and you’ll want your drink already very warm if you’re using a bottle to keep it hot.
  • Personalizing a water bottle with text and stickers has become popular and gives you a chance to make a plain bottle look more creative. While you can always buy stickers, you can make your own from vinyl if you’re crafty. Metallic permanent markers can also work for simple designs.

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