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The Best Toilet Seat Cover | 2023

Last updated on June 1, 2023

We looked at the top 11 Toilet Seat Covers and dug through the reviews from 10 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Toilet Seat Covers.

Best Toilet Seat Cover

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Our Picks For The Top Toilet Seat Covers

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Our Take
  Top Pick

Mighty Clean Baby Children’s Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, 24-Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Mighty Clean Baby

Children's Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, 24-Pack

Overall Take

Best for ChildrenFor the little ones in your family, these toilet seat covers work perfectly, both at home and in public restrooms.

  Runner Up

Relyo Thick Flushable Toilet Seat Covers, 50-Pack


Thick Flushable Toilet Seat Covers, 50-Pack

Overall Take

100% BiodegradableThese toilet seat covers fit neatly in any purse, diaper bag or backpack.

  Strong Contender

Potty Shields Extra Large Non-Slip Toilet Seat Covers, 40-Pack

Potty Shields

Extra Large Non-Slip Toilet Seat Covers, 40-Pack

Overall Take

Cute FlowersKeep a few of these toilet seat covers in your carry-on bag, glovebox, backpack or diaper bag for use on the go.

  We Also Like

SoNeat Hygienic Pocket Size Toilet Seat Covers, 100-Pack


Hygienic Pocket Size Toilet Seat Covers, 100-Pack

Overall Take

Oversized OptionThese toilet seat covers are safe to flush, so no need to worry about finding a nearby trash can.

  Also Great

YGDZ Child-Friendly Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers, 110-Pack


Child-Friendly Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers, 110-Pack

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickThe economical price tag on these toilet seat covers makes them a no-brainer.

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The Best Overall

Mighty Clean Baby Children’s Disposable Toilet Seat Covers, 24-Pack

Our Expert Score


Our Take

The fun design of these toilet seat covers make them perfect for the youngest members of your family. The two-layered, high-quality material will protect your children from germs in public restrooms, and they fold down so that you can slip a few into your diaper bag or purse. When you're finished using one, simply toss it in the nearest waste bin.

Our Toilet Seat Cover Buying Guide

No matter where you are, you’ll need to use a restroom at least a few times a day. If you’re at home, you probably aren’t too worried about germs, especially if you regularly clean your bathrooms. But when you’re in public, you likely don’t have that reassurance. In fact, most people experience a less-than-sanitary public washroom at least a couple of times a year.

To help reduce customer concerns, many public restrooms have toilet seat covers in a dispenser on the wall. But you may not realize you can also buy your own. Some toilet seat covers are even small enough to carry in your purse, pocket or bag so that you’ll always be prepared. Those with children often find disposable toilet seat covers are crucial to have on hand while away from home, and some even come with kid-friendly designs that inject a little whimsy into the experience.

Another type of toilet seat cover is built for businesses that need refills for their dispensers. If you own a small business where only your employees and clients use your restroom, you may be able to get away with buying a small package of refills for your dispensers every couple of months. But public restrooms with constant foot traffic will need to buy these in bulk, as you’ll find they’re being refilled on a far more consistent basis.

Simplemost Fun Fact

In addition to toilet seat covers, you can keep yourself safer from germs in public toilets by avoiding the middle stalls. The center toilets tend to be the most used, making either the first stall or the very last one a wise option. The middle stalls tend to be the most used due to an observed phenomenon called “centrality preference,” which states that when given options, most people will steer toward items that are in the middle versus those on either the leftmost or rightmost side. Studies of public restrooms found that the end stalls were least used, but if the middle stalls were taken, men tended to go for the first still while women chose the stall that was farthest from the door.

The Toilet Seat Cover Tips and Advice

  • Not all toilet seats are shaped the same. Most seats in public restrooms have what is known as a “U shape,” which feature an opening in the front and more of an elongated shape. U-shaped toilets are said to give women more room to wipe, but they are also less expensive. Home toilets won’t have that gap, and they may either be round or elongated in design.
  • If you want a comfortable at-home experience, consider a fabric toilet seat that will provide both warmth and cushioning.
  • For disposable toilet seat covers, flushability is important. This may make the cover thinner than you’d prefer, but thicker covers are more likely to clog toilets.
  • The thin design of the covers you typically find in public restrooms can make it easy to tear and tougher to keep in place during use. But if you’re a business buying in bulk, you have to weigh the extra cost and clog risk of higher-quality covers against the convenience to your customers. If you’re a consumer buying one to take with you, a thicker, larger cover may be worth the extra expense.
  • As you’re shopping for covers, consider that some feature a two-layer design that will provide extra protection from the seat beneath it.
  • If you’re buying toilet seat covers to keep with you at all times, portability will be a top issue. Some aren’t individually packed, which means you’ll have to store them in a bag or holder if you’re tucking them into your purse or jacket pocket.

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