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The Best Spray Mop - 2021

Last updated on May 4, 2021

We looked at the top 7 Spray Mops and dug through the reviews from 36 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Spray Mops.

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Our Picks For The Top Spray Mops

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Our Take
  Our Top Pick

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

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ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

Overall Take

No Cleanser NeededThis spray mop stands out for being able to clean floors using only water.

  Runner Up

Bona Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop


Stone Tile & Laminate Floor Premium Spray Mop

Overall Take

For Tile and LaminateThis spray mop is designed for tile and laminate flooring.

  We Also Like

HOMTOYOU Floor Cleaning Spray Mop


Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

Overall Take

Rotating Mop HeadThis spray mop has a rotating mop head to make it easier to maneuver across your floors.

  Strong Contender

Swiffer WetJet Floor Spray Mop Cleaner Starter Kit


WetJet Floor Spray Mop Cleaner Starter Kit

Overall Take

Powerful CleaningIf you need intense scrubbing, this sprayer can do the job.

  Also Great

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit


Reveal Spray Mop Kit

Overall Take

Refillable Cleaning BottlesThis spray mop comes with cleanser bottles that can be refilled with your own solution.

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The Best Overall

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

Our Expert Score


Our Take

The microfiber mop head on this spray mop can be reversed to dust wood floors or apply water for wet cleaning. Unlike other spray mops, this mop head uses a microfiber cloth that can be tossed into the washer and reused over and over. The mop is easy to assemble and clean for convenient use.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

HOMTOYOU Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

Our Total Score


Our Take

The ergonomic design of this spray mop helps keep you comfortable while you work. The 1.48-pound weight makes it light enough so that you can easily maneuver it, and putting the mop together is easy. You can also use this mop to clean glass doors and windows, making it a truly multifunctional tool.

Our Spray Mop Buying Guide

Traditional mopping is an involved process. You need a bucket that you can fill with water and cleanser, along with a mop that you have to wring out throughout the process. The labor involved can lead to you putting off mopping until your floors are in pretty bad shape.

Simplemost Media

Spray mops have made the entire process of cleaning floors easier. You just need a cloth to put in the mop head and some solution you spray on the floor. The solution is usually built into the handle, with a button you press to dispense it.

Simplemost Media

As spray mops have evolved, they’ve also become more eco-friendly. There are spray mops that let you fill the sprayer with your own homemade or all-natural cleansing solutions. Some use only water to clean your floors. There are even spray mops with reusable cloths. Just remove them when you’re finished mopping and toss them in the washer.

Simplemost Media

Disposable microfiber cloths and spray cartridges have their own benefits, though. At the end of your cleaning session, you can simply remove the cloth and toss it in the trash. Spray cartridges remain attached to your mop handle until you’ve depleted the cleanser inside, which can take months. When the cleanser runs out, just replace the cartridge and keep mopping.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Mopping can be a germy activity. If you’re using the traditional mop-bucket approach, you’re probably mopping with dirty water partway through your cleaning session. Dual-chamber buckets have become popular with professional cleaners because you can wring the mop out in the dirty side while using the clean side only once the mop head has been cleaned of debris. If you’re mopping at home, you can achieve the same goal by wringing your mop in your sink, thoroughly rinsing it, then dipping it in the bucket full of cleanser before tackling the next section of flooring.

The Spray Mop Tips and Advice

  • Some spray mops come with extra-wide mop heads, which are great for cleaning large sections of flooring with each swipe. However, keep in mind that this expanded width could make it tough to clean smaller rooms or get into nooks and crannies.
  • Consider the type of flooring you’ll be cleaning when you’re choosing a spray mop. Some are built for wood floors while others are made to tackle vinyl and tile. Some mops can handle both types of flooring as long as you adjust the cleaning solution for each. Some spray mops can even be used to wash large glass doors or windows.
  • Most spray mops are sold disassembled, so you’ll need to put the mop together before using. Keep this in mind and look up the assembly instructions if you’re concerned.
  • Pay attention to the type of cloths your spray mop uses. Some are disposable while others can be tossed in the washer and reused. Also, make sure you can buy refills and note how much they’ll cost.
  • A rotating mop head can make a big difference in getting into tighter areas like corners.
  • The weight and design of the handle make a big difference in maneuvering the mop around your rooms. A heavier mop can be tougher to move around, depleting your energy quickly. Some handles are taller than others, too, so make sure you’re choosing one that won’t have you bending over to mop.

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