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The Best Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

Last updated on June 1, 2023

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Keeping track of your medications can be challenging, especially if you have to take them more than once a day. If you have multiple medications going morning, noon and night, it’s easy for one or two doses to fall through the cracks.

A daily routine is key to staying on track. It’s important to get in the practice of taking your pills at a certain time each day. If you have medications you need to take with food, breakfast, lunch and dinnertime can be ideal. Soon, you’ll find it’s automatic.

But the best tool you can have in your kit is a pill organizer. These boxes not only keep everything in one place, but you’ll also be able to tell, at a glance, whether you’ve taken your medication that day.

If you have to take pills three times a day, look for an organizer that has three compartments, one for morning, one for afternoon and one for evening. You can buy these as one big unit, but that makes your pill organizer fairly large. Newer organizer sets give you a separate three-compartment box for each day, then a larger box to store everything in. This allows you to take that day’s pills along with you.

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  Top Pick

SE7EN-DAY BPA-Free Removable Boxes Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


BPA-Free Removable Boxes Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

If your vitamin or medication regimen requires taking morning, afternoon and evening doses then this pill organizer 3-times-a-day is an excellent buy. Each slot is capable of holding between five and 15 capsules. There are seven trays within the plastic storage container, each with its own color for clear identification.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionConstructed from a food-grade BPA-free plastic, this pill organizer 3-times-a-day is safe and durable.

  Runner Up

MEDca Removable Lids Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day, 2-Pack


Removable Lids Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day, 2-Pack

This pill organizer 3-times-a-day set is perfect for couples, as you get two organizers for the price of one. Both pieces are constructed using a strong plastic and outfitted with removable lids. The compartments are nice and big, so you won't have any trouble accommodating all of your medications for the day.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThe lids on this pill organizer 3-times-a-day are translucent, eliminating the need to open them to verify if you've already taken your meds.

  Strong Contender

ASprink BPA-Free Airtight Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day


BPA-Free Airtight Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

If you often take trips for business or pleasure, you'll want to grab this handy pill organizer 3-times-a-day. It comes in a protective case that stores neatly in any carry-on bag. Each of the containers are color coordinated by day and clearly labeled with "morning," "noon" and "night" compartments.

Overall Take

Best for TravelThe compartments in this pill organizer 3-times-a-day are large enough to store 10 big tablets or 80 small capsules.

  We Also Like

PULIV On-The-Go BPA-Free Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day


On-The-Go BPA-Free Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

This pill organizer 3-times-a-day features one large case the houses seven smaller cases. The smaller cases are labeled with the day of the week, and each features compartments for morning, afternoon and evening pills. In addition to having a large capacity, this set is also extremely durable and designed to be used up to 9,000 times.

Overall Take

Choice of ColorsYou'll find this pill organizer 3-times-a-day is available in seven fun colors, including blue, green, pink and purple.

  Also Great

Automoness Plastic Reusable Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day


Plastic Reusable Pill Organizer 3-Times-A-Day

You won't have to worry about moisture entering this pill organizer 3-times-a-day, as it's specially designed to remain waterproof. The set includes seven individual pieces - one for each day of the week. The pieces are labeled and color-coded for easy recognition. There's also a translucent storage case that houses all seven organizers.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanAll you need is a little dish soap and water to keep this pill organizer 3-times-a-day nice and clean.

What to Look For

  • In addition to the right pill organizer, you’ll also need a way to keep yourself on track. One method is to put your pillbox where you’ll see it when you’re doing things like getting your coffee in the morning or making dinner at night. Another is to set timers to remind yourself that it’s time to take your medication.
  • You might not be able to use your pill organizer for all your medications. Some medications may need to stay in the original container while others have to be refrigerated. Check the directions carefully before moving your pills to an organizer. If you have doubts, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Check out the size of the compartments in any pillbox you choose. If you take large-sized medications like fish oil, you may have to be pickier about your organizer, especially if you’re required to take two or three larger pills at once.
  • The printing on some pill containers tends to fade or wear off over time. Keep this in mind. You may find the printing wears out before the container itself does.
  • The lid on each container is important, as well. You’ll want one that stays firmly in place; otherwise, your medications might spill out in your bag. But if a lid is too tight, you may struggle to open and close it.