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The Best Meal Prep Container - 2021

Last updated on January 12, 2021

We looked at the top 14 Meal Prep Containers and dug through the reviews from 30 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Meal Prep Containers.

Best Meal Prep Container

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Our Picks For The Top Meal Prep Containers

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Our Take
  Best Overall

Enther Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack


Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack

Overall Take

Great for Busy FamiliesSince this set of meal prep containers is leak-proof, you can use them to store everything from casseroles to soups.

  Easy to Clean

EZ Prepa 3 Compartment Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack

EZ Prepa

3 Compartment Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack

Overall Take

Microwaveable and Dishwasher SafeEven though these meal prep containers are made from a durable plastic, they are safe to toss in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

  Space-Saving Pick

Freshware Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 15-Pack


Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 15-Pack

Overall Take

Stackable DesignThanks to this meal prep container's stackable design, you'll be able to maximize the space you have in your fridge or freezer.

  Glass Pick

Prep Naturals Glass Divided Meal Prep Container, 5-Pack

Prep Naturals

Glass Divided Meal Prep Container, 5-Pack

Overall Take

No Freezer BurnThe borosilicate glass build of these meal prep containers offers extra protection against freezer burn.


Rubbermaid TakeAlongs QuikClik Seal Meal Prep Container, 50-Piece


TakeAlongs QuikClik Seal Meal Prep Container, 50-Piece

Overall Take

Designed for TravelEach of the lids on these meal prep containers make a click sound when properly locked in place.

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The Best Overall

Enther Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This large pack of meal prep containers is a great choice for busy families. With 20 containers per set, you'll have no problem prepping meals and sides for the entire week. You can store the containers in the freezer, as well as heat them up in the microwave.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs QuikClik Seal Meal Prep Container, 50-Piece

Our Total Score


Our Take

Send your kids off to school and your spouse off to work with a healthy lunch packed in these easy-to-use meal prep containers. The set includes 50 pieces that can hold everything from a tuna sandwich to a salad with a balsamic dressing. The smaller containers are great for mid-day snacks, like cheese and crackers or a bowl of grapes.

Our Meal Prep Container Buying Guide

If you pay attention to social media, you’ve probably noticed people referring to something called “meal prep.” Meal prep lets you make meals for days at a time, at your own convenience, refrigerating or freezing them until you’re ready to eat them. But before you can get started with meal prepping, you’ll need containers thick enough to keep foods fresh, but lightweight enough to keep them portable.

In addition to the materials in the container itself, the seal between the lid and the container is essential for freshness. This is especially true if you’ll be freezing your meals and thawing them later. Pay close attention to the seal before you make your purchase. This seal will also be essential if you’re taking your containers on the go with you. A leak could mean the contents spill into your laptop bag or backpack, creating a mess and changing your lunch plans.

Meal prep containers come in bundles for a reason. They’re designed for you to make multiple meals at once, then store them in your fridge or freezer. Stackable containers make it easy to store everything together. If you pack multiple containers in your lunch box, stackability will also come in handy. Make sure you choose a group of meal prep containers that fit well together to maximize your convenience.

When you think about how you’ll use your meal prep containers, you probably realize it’s essential that they’re safe to at least store in the refrigerator and use in the microwave. However, being able to freeze your food to keep it fresh longer is useful as well. Some meal prep containers can even be used in the oven, so that’s something to consider if you plan to reheat your food that way.

Portability can also become an issue, particularly if you’re looking for a container that insulates food well. As good as glass and thicker plastics can be at this, consider that this also may make it heavier to take on the go with you, especially if you’re taking more than one container at a time. Heavier containers may work better for those planning to meal prep for home use rather than for transport.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Convenience is perhaps the biggest benefit of meal prep. You make your meals when you have plenty of time, such as a worry-free Sunday afternoon, and have them ready during the busy workweek. But there are many lifestyle benefits that come with meal prep, including the fact that you won’t be tempted to dine out while away from home. This can save you significant money over multiple weeks, as well as giving you the option of eating healthy rather than opting to grab a hot dog or cheeseburger on the run. You can also make large meals and portion them out over multiple days, letting you make the most of your time in the kitchen.

The Meal Prep Container Tips and Advice

  • If you pack multiple foods in one container, compartments are essential. Otherwise, your foods can blend together, affecting the taste experience. Some containers have compartments, while others don’t. Containers that have three compartments use one section for main courses and the other two sections for sides. You’ll also find food prep containers with two compartments that are typically equal in size. You’ll find the containers that are best for carrying casseroles and other one-plate dishes are the ones that only have one compartment.
  • Before buying, consider whether you want a disposable meal prep option or if you’d rather have a container you can wash and reuse for years. Disposable models can simply be tossed in a nearby garbage can. These can be especially useful for temporary use, such as while traveling. However, you may prefer the cost savings and environmental friendliness you get from a reusable container.
  • For reusable containers, it’s important to look at how easy they are to clean. Glass containers are typically dishwasher safe, but any plastic lids usually aren’t. That means you’ll have to hand-wash the lid. Just because a container is disposable, that doesn’t mean you can’t wash and reuse it until it wears out. Some disposable food prep containers are even dishwasher safe.
  • Being able to pop your containers into both the freezer and microwave is essential while meal prepping. Enther Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack can be used in the freezer and microwave. Some models even allow you to store them in the freezer and heat them up in the microwave, oven or on an indoor grill. Although Prep Naturals Glass Containers are microwave safe, their lids aren’t, so you’ll need to take those off before you heat your food.
  • The secret to meal prep is making sure your food still tastes fresh, even if it’s been in the freezer for days. The secret to that is in the seal. Look for a seal that locks tightly into place to prevent anything from getting in or out. Certain models have an audible snap closure that makes it easy to confirm that you’ve closed the container completely.
  • Safety is important to many consumers, especially when freezing and reheating the foods you’re putting in your body. Make sure any plastic containers are made from BPA, PVC and phthalate-free materials and are 100% food safe. Prep Naturals Glass Containers are made from environmentally-friendly borosilicate glass, and Enther Stackable BPA-Free Meal Prep Container, 20-Pack are designed using high-quality BPA-free material.

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