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The Best Krill Oil - 2022

Last updated on December 16, 2019

We looked at the top 5 and dug through the reviews from 56 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best .

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  Best for Special Diets

Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

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Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

Overall Take

All-Natural CapsulesFree of soy and gluten, the Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is ideal for those who are on special diets.

  Best for Food Allergies

Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg


Krill Oil, 1250mg

Overall Take

No PreservativesTerranics Krill Oil, 1250mg is free of ingredients like eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, soybean, wheat and preservatives to help with sensitivities.

  Best for Digestion

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

Sports Research

Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

Overall Take

Break Down QuicklyThe water-dispersible design of the Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg means it breaks down quickly after you swallow it.

  Strong Contender

Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg


Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

Overall Take

Natural IngredientsA one-year money-back guarantee puts Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg ahead of competitors when it comes to customer service.

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Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

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If you're trying to eliminate ingredients like gluten and soy from your diet, Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is the supplement for you. These all-natural capsules are coated in gelatin, but that helps with getting them down each day. You'll get 1,000 milligrams of krill oil in each two-capsule dose.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg

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Our Take

Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is water dispersible, which means that it breaks down easily in your digestive system. You'll only have to take one pill to get the same benefits that two pills would require with other supplements, but the pill is larger than usual. It is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and IKOS.

Our Buying Guide

Fish oil has long been a preferred treatment for those who have moderate cholesterol issues. Just one dose a day can lower cholesterol and reduce the stickiness of blood platelets. But fish oil has its issues, including hard-to-swallow capsules and an unpleasant taste and odor.

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In recent years, medical professionals have shifted their recommendations to krill oil, which some studies have shown to have better heart-health benefits than fish oil. You’ll also find that they have smaller capsules, making them easier to swallow, and low to nonexistent issues with smell and taste.

Like a shrimp, a krill is a crustacean found in the sea. Environmentally-conscious consumers prefer krill oil because krill have a shorter lifecycle than fish. Krill are also found in some of the most pristine waters of the ocean, which reduces worries about being exposed to oceanic toxins.

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In addition to managing cholesterol, krill oil has also been linked to a reduction in inflammation, a benefit that is very valuable to those who suffer from chronic pain. Those suffering from conditions like arthritis and general joint pain have also reported improvement after starting a krill oil supplement. For some, premenstrual pain and mood symptoms have decreased while taking krill oil.

“Check with your doctor before starting krill oil supplements,” explains registered dietitian Jessica Cording, author of “The Little Book of Game-Changers: 50 Healthy Habits for Managing Stress & Anxiety.” “Because it has a blood-thinning effect, it may interact with certain medications such as anticoagulants. You also should avoid krill oil if you have a fish or shellfish allergy.”

Your doctor can also advise you whether you’re a good candidate for krill oil. If your cholesterol is extremely high, your physician will likely recommend a type of prescription medication called a Statin. Krill oil is better for being proactive about your heart health or trying to lower slight elevations.

As with many supplements, it’s best to get the benefits you need through food. To lower your cholesterol through your diet, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel will boost your good cholesterol and lower the type of cholesterol that’s considered bad. Other foods to incorporate into your daily meals include beans, avocados, nuts and grains. Just kicking off each day with a bowl of oatmeal can help get those numbers down.

Exercise can also help reduce your cholesterol. Whether you’re taking a krill oil supplement or not, try to find ways to work a little more exercise into your daily routine. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or start going for a short walk around the block after lunch. Soon you’ll start to see those numbers begin to drop.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Krill are much smaller than shrimp, measuring about two inches in length. Globally, there are 85 different species of krill, but six are in the Antarctic Ocean. The krill that are harvested are in the Southern Ocean and are actually the largest of the species. But krill vary in size throughout their lifetime, growing and shrinking from one day to the next. To accommodate these constant size changes, a krill will shed its shell every 13-20 days. As a result, age can’t be determined by looking at a krill’s size. Instead, experts use the rings on the eyestalk, which work like the rings on a tree in telling how many years a krill has lived.

The Tips and Advice

  • When shopping for any supplement, it’s important to compare dosage. One bottle may be priced cheaper than others, but if you have to take two pills to get the same results with one of another type, you won’t be saving money. With the Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg, you’ll get 1,000 milligrams in just one pill, but the capsules are much larger than what you’ll find in supplements that pack 1,000 milligrams in two pills. Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg brings a higher dosage than typical supplements, but some experts say 500 milligrams is enough. Both Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg and Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg provide 1,000 milligrams in two small capsules.

“Ideally you want to see a label indicating that product went through third-party testing to ensure quality and safety,” Cording says. “Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, keep the container in the fridge.”

  • Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, as well as being IKOS 5-star certified. Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg earned certification from Friend of the Sea, while the manufacturing process for Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg is both FDA and GMP certified.
  • Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg is third-party tested to ensure each tablet lives up to the promises on its label.
  • One of the biggest complaints about fish oil pills is the size of the capsules, making them hard for some to swallow. Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg, Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg and Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg are small in size and very easy to swallow. If larger capsules never bother you, though, you may want to consider the Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg. It’s a larger pill, but you only have to take one to get the same dosage you’d get with two of the smaller-size supplements.
  • Digestion is also a consideration. Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is water dispersible, which means it digests more easily than fish oil even though the capsules are similar in size.
  • Often those taking supplements are concerned about what’s in the products they consume. All the ingredients in Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg are natural and are soy and gluten-free, as well as being non-GMO. However, the capsules are coated in gelatin to make them easier to swallow. Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg is free of egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, corn, milk, soybean, wheat, sugar, chemicals and preservatives. Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is soy-free and mostly natural, but it does have additives, including gelatin.
  • If you’re vegan, it’s important to note that krill oil comes from an animal, so it’s not safe for strict vegan diets.
  • Although krill oil reduces that fish taste that comes with taking fish oil pills, it’s important to note that you won’t get away from it completely. You may still experience a little of that taste when you burp. Onnit Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg has a slight fishy smell, while Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg has both a fishy odor and slightly fishy burps. Although Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg doesn’t have a fish odor or taste, the smell is a little on the unpleasant side.
  • Most krill oil supplements fall within the same price range. However, if you’re closely monitoring your spending, look more closely at the price per dose than the overall cost of the bottle. Don’t forget to go by dosage rather than pill, as some supplements pack more milligrams into each pill than others.
  • A money-back guarantee can come in handy if you’re skeptical about a supplement’s promises. Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg gives you a full year to determine whether it’s helping or not, providing a full refund if you aren’t satisfied. Both Terranics Krill Oil, 1250mg and Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg offer 90-day money-back guarantees.
  • One issue with Sports Research Antarctic Krill Oil, 1000mg is that it can tend to break inside the bottle if not handled delicately. If you plan to toss your supplement in a bag, this might not be the best option for you.
  • Krill oil should be taken with food whenever possible, and you should limit your consumption to the recommended daily dose.
  • For the most part, you shouldn’t experience side effects while taking krill oil. However, the same stomach upset sometimes seen with fish oil can apply, so if you have a decrease in appetite or stomach discomfort, that could be the cause. Other stomach-related side effects include gas, diarrhea and nausea.
  • Pay close attention to your complexion. You may have breakouts or slightly oilier skin after you start with a krill oil supplement.
  • As with any supplement, you should check with your doctor, but this is especially true if you’re pregnant or nursing. Since there isn’t enough information about the safety of krill oil, it’s best to err on the safe side and wait until you’re finished nursing to start taking it.
  • If you have surgery coming up, be sure to let your doctor know you’re taking krill oil. It could increase bleeding risks, so your physician will probably direct you to stop taking it at least two weeks before your scheduled operation.
  • Those who have seafood or shellfish allergies should skip krill oil.

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