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The Best Kitchen Shears

Last updated on September 6, 2019

We looked at the top 10 Kitchen Shears and dug through the reviews from 97 of the most popular review sites including No Place Called Home, Cookware Stuffs, Sellaholics,, Business Insider, Review Finch and more. The result is a ranking of the best Kitchen Shears.

Best Kitchen Shears

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Our Picks For The Top Kitchen Shears

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Our Take
  Best Overall


Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

Overall Take

Professional Quality ShearsThis set of kitchen shears makes precise cuts through tough foods and also has a feature for opening bottles.



Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears

Overall Take

Multi-Function OptionIn addition to a sharp stainless steel blade, this set of kitchen shears has a bottle cap opener and a nutcracker built into it.



Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsThis set of kitchen shears comes in a choice of fun colors, such as red, blue, gray and aqua.

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Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

Overall Take

Easy to CleanThese top-notch shears boast sharp blades, which make it easy to cut through poultry and meat.

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The Best Overall

MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

Our Expert Score
21 expert reviews
User Summarized Score
5,311 user reviews
Our Take

In addition to providing the best value for your money, the MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears are a No. 1 pick among home chefs, thanks to its professional quality construction. The blades are sharp and made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so they'll last longer than your average shears. Designed with a non-slip material, the handle also allows for a better grip.

Our Kitchen Shears Buying Guide

If you enjoy preparing meals from scratch for family and friends, there are a few essential tools you’ll want to have in your kitchen. A set of kitchen shears, for example, can significantly cut down on the time you spend chopping fruits, vegetables and meats into bite-sized pieces.

While shears are almost identical to scissors in design and purpose, they are differentiated by their length. Scissors are typically under 6 inches, while shears measure 6 inches and above. Shears are also designed to cut thicker and harder objects than an everyday pair of scissors.

Before you purchase your first set of kitchen shears, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration. Start by examining the tool’s handle. You want to make sure it is made with a material that gives you a good grip, so your fingers don’t slip out during a cut. The KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears not only have a handle with a good grip, but the handle is also soft. You’ll get the stability you need, as well as a little comfort.

It’s worth noting that although most kitchen shears are made for right-handed individuals, it is possible to find a manufacturer who makes specially designed shears for lefties.

Your next step is to examine the kitchen shears’ blades. Most modern shears are made using stainless steel blades, as they are resistant to rust and do not become discolored when working with foods that have a natural dye. The blades should also be serrated, like the blades on the MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears. The serrated edges allow for a firm grip on the piece of food you wish to cut.

Another aspect to consider is whether you’d like your shears to serve more than one purpose. The J.A. HENCKELS Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears have a center that quickly and easily opens bottle caps and a handle that cracks nuts. If you drink a lot of soda pop while munching on walnuts, this might be a better option for you.

Individuals who don’t have a lot of strength in their hands may do better with a set of shears that uses a spring-loaded handle, like the OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears. The springs do the work for you as you squeeze. Since you don’t need as much pressure to cut food, your hands are spared from the strain they typically feel when using a set of shears.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Kitchen shears are simply a modification of your basic scissors. The first type of scissors invented were used by the ancient Egyptians back in 1500 B.C.  Later, the Romans improved upon the design. While some believe that Leonardo da Vinci invented the handy tool, others credit Robert Hinchliffe as the father of our modern-day scissors. This is likely due to the fact that Mr. Hinchliffe was the first to manufacture and sell the scissors.

There are several superstitions associated with scissors. Some folks advise placing scissors on a table and waiting for a friend to pick it up. They believe if you simply hand over the scissors, you’ll sever your friendship. There is also the superstition that if a woman places a pair of scissors under her pillow at night, it will induce labor by slicing the cord between mother and baby.

A few final fun facts: The Latin word for scissors is cisoria. It means “cutting instrument.” And, finally, the largest pair of scissors measures 7’7″ long.


The Kitchen Shears Tips and Advice

  • To check the quality of your kitchen shears, close the blades and look to make sure the tips line up perfectly.
  • Look to see if there is a performance guarantee or a free return clause before buying the kitchen shears. That way, you are protected in the event that you get a pair that doesn’t live up to the claims made by the manufacturer. Of course, most of the companies that offer this option do so because they know their products are top-quality. It’s nice to have that little extra assurance.
  • In order for your kitchen shears to continue cutting with precision and ease, you’ll need to have them sharpened regularly. How often you sharpen them depends on how much you use them, but every two weeks is a good rule of thumb.
  • Kitchen shears can be sharpened a variety of ways. Sandpaper, aluminum foil and a sharpening stone are the most common.
  • Beware of what causes your kitchen shears blades to dull prematurely. For example, not drying the blades off soon after they get wet is one cause. Another is cutting through bones instead of cutting the meat off the bones.
  • When it comes to maintenance, you’ll also need to oil the kitchen shears’ pivot point. This keeps friction to a minimum, making it easier to cut through tough vegetables and meats.
  • Always read the product label before washing the kitchen shears. Some only allow handwashing, especially the models that have removable blades. Others permit using a dishwasher, but state that handwashing is always best.
  • When comparing the price of kitchen shears, you need to take into account any extra features that are offered. For example, you can expect the J.A. HENCKELS Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears to be slightly more expensive than the MAIRICO Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears, as they have two additional built-in tools. The OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears are also going to be sold at a higher cost than the more basic KitchenAid Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears, as they have an added spring to make chopping less strenuous.

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