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The Best Grabber/Reacher

Last updated on February 15, 2023
Best Grabber/Reacher

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Our Picks For The Top Grabber/Reachers

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  Top Pick

Sammons Preston Magnetic Tip Grabber/Reacher, 26-Inch

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Sammons Preston

Magnetic Tip Grabber/Reacher, 26-Inch

Looking for a versatile grabber/reacher tool? This option will help you quickly pick up trash along the beach, reach a cup from the cupboard or move items out of your way when operating a wheelchair. There's even a magnet at the end of the claw for grabbing fallen screws and other metal items.

Overall Take

Most VersatileSince this grabber/reacher is lightweight, it's easy for children and the elderly to operate.

  Runner Up

DUMSAMKER Rotating Rubberized Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack


Rotating Rubberized Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack

Whether you're short in stature or simply have trouble bending over, this grabber/reacher has you covered. It's made using a fun purple color and has the ability to extend a full 32 inches. The jaw can even rotate a full 360-degrees!

Overall Take

Affordable PickNot only is this grabber/reacher one of the most affordable of the bunch, but you also get two for the price of one!

  We Also Like

Vive Ergonomic Suction Cup Grabber/Reacher, 32-Inch


Ergonomic Suction Cup Grabber/Reacher, 32-Inch

Extend your reach by up to 32 inches with this grabber, which can help you reach items on your highest shelves. The jaws are wide enough to grab bigger items, but they also squeeze in narrow enough to pick up small materials like pills and coins. A built-in hanger makes it easy to store when you aren't using it.

Overall Take

For Changing LightbulbsThis grabber/reacher has a suction grip that makes it easy to change lightbulbs or grip delicate objects with ease.

  Strong Contender

RMS Wide Claw Featherweight Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack


Wide Claw Featherweight Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack

The claw on this grabber/reacher is extra wide, allowing for bigger items to be picked up or moved. There's a plastic yellow clip for hooking the device to your wheelchair or walker, as well as a magnetic tip on the end of the claw for grabbing metal. When an item you desire is at a longer distance, simply extend the wand and you're good to go.

Overall Take

Contoured HandleThe handle on this grabber/reacher is designed to match the shape of your hand.

  Also Great

Royal Medical Solutions Lightweight Rotating Jaw Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack

Royal Medical Solutions

Lightweight Rotating Jaw Grabber/Reacher, 2-Pack

With this grabber/reacher set, you get both a 19 and a 32-inch tool. Both are equipped with rotating heads, so you can use them either vertically or horizontally. The handles are also covered with a soft grip to provide better control and comfort during use.

Overall Take

Comfortable TriggerWith this grabber/reacher tool, you'll be able to pick up something as small as a dime or something as big as a potted plant.

Buying Guide

If you’ve ever grabbed a chair or step stool to get something from an out-of-reach shelf, you know the benefits of an extended arm. But for those with mobility limitations, the benefits can become essential to quality of life.

A grabber can extend your reach by at least a couple of feet beyond the length of your outstretched arm. If you haven’t checked out these devices recently, you may not realize how advanced they’ve become. You can find reachers that bend like an arm to give you extra flexibility when you’re trying to pick up items. There are also plenty that have the classic straight design, but with a claw that rotates to help you grab what you need.

The claws themselves have come a long way in recent years. Many are now built with nonskid, nonslip surfaces to make it easier to grab onto items. But what’s really improved is the versatility of these devices. With one grabber, you can pick up items weighing as much as 5 pounds or a small item like a pill or a coin.

Reachers aren’t just for household items, though. Some Good Samaritans use a grabber to pick up litter on their daily walks. That calls for a grabber with a tight grip to pick up small items like receipts and tissues.

What to Look For

  • Many reachers are made from lightweight aluminum alloy. This keeps the reacher from weighing you down, but it won’t reduce its lifting capabilities.
  • If you think you’ll use your grabber to lift delicate items like drinking glasses, choose one that has a nonskid grip.
  • Some grabbers are made for handling tasks like turning doorknobs or installing lightbulbs. These grabbers have a rounded gripper.
  • The handle comes into play on a grabber, too. Most operate similarly to the trigger on a gun. Look closely at this part of a grabber, especially if you’re dealing with mobility issues in your hands.
  • A magnetic tip on some grabbers comes in handy if you’re lifting metal items like keys or screws.
  • Pay close attention to the claw range. Each one has a minimum and maximum. This will give you an idea of the variety of items you’ll be able to grab.
  • The length of the grabber also comes into play. If you can, measure the distance to all the areas of your home that you’ll be trying to reach.
  • Portability is a consideration, as well. Some grabbers fold up to a much smaller size to make it easy to tuck into a shopping bag or store in a closet when you aren’t using it.

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