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The Best Electric Heating Pad - 2022

Last updated on October 26, 2021

We looked at the top 10 and dug through the reviews from 53 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best .

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Our Picks For The Top

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Our Take
  Best Overall

MIGHTY BLISS Auto Shut-Off Electric Heating Pad

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Auto Shut-Off Electric Heating Pad

Overall Take

Versatile PickThis electric heating pad has an auto-shut off feature for added safety.

  Safety Pick

haoxuandianzi Electric Flannel Heating Pad


Electric Flannel Heating Pad

Overall Take

Effective and HandyWith this electric heating pad, you'll get four timer settings that range from 30 to 120 minutes.

  Soft Touch

GENIANI Auto-Off Moist & Dry Heat Electric Heating Pad


Auto-Off Moist & Dry Heat Electric Heating Pad

Overall Take

Gentle FibersMicroplush fibers make this pad gentle to the touch, keeping your skin comfortable while you ease pain.

  Also Consider

Cure Choice Ultra Soft Electric Heating Pad

Cure Choice

Ultra Soft Electric Heating Pad

Overall Take

Easy to CleanThis electric heating pad comes with a removable bag that you can just toss in the washing machine to keep clean.

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The Best Overall

MIGHTY BLISS Auto Shut-Off Electric Heating Pad

Our Expert Score


Our Take

You'll love this heating pad's extra-large size, as it can cover an entire shoulder or a good portion of your back. The pad is designed to offer relief for everything from cramps to sore muscles. It's made using a soft microplush outer layer for added comfort and features a variety of moist and dry heat settings.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Cure Choice Ultra Soft Electric Heating Pad

Our Total Score


Our Take

With three settings — high, medium and low — this electric heating pad combines ease of use with customizability. The included bag can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine, and the auto-shutoff timer can ease your mind. The size makes it perfect for warming small areas like you shoulder or abdomen.

Our Buying Guide

Pain can be tough to treat, especially if it’s severe. But there are some instances where you can get relief without medication. Even if you’re medicating, applying heat to the affected area can enhance your treatment.

Heat therapy works by increasing circulation, which promotes the movement of nutrients and oxygen through the area in question. Those nutrients and oxygen then flow to damaged or inflamed muscles and joints to help relieve pain. You may have found that your pain abates while you’re in the shower or taking a hot bath, but you can’t stay underwater all day. That’s where heating pads come in.

A heating pad is a portable, A/C-powered option that lets you treat your pain wherever you are. You can choose from a variety of sizes and features to treat the area you need. Larger heating pads are best for back pain, while smaller areas like shoulders and your abdomen may work better with a smaller pad that’s long and narrow.

One thing you’ll notice is that some heating pads give you the option of moist or dry heat. Dry heat can dehydrate you, as it draws moisture from the skin. Moist heat, on the other hand, operates like a wet towel by issuing a steaming effect. Some find that this is far more effective in treating muscle pain. A heating pad that offers both options can help you by letting you switch back and forth.

Many heating pads offer multiple heat settings. This lets you customize the level of heat you need. You’ll find some that simply offer low, medium and high, while there are others that give you many settings with exact temperature levels associated with each. Keep in mind that if you’re operating your heating pad on a high setting, you should limit the amount of time to about 30 minutes. On a low setting, you should be able to safely operate it for longer, but pay attention and remove the heat source immediately if you start to experience discomfort.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Therapy isn’t the only use for heating pads. Heating mats are also used to help with plant growth. Known as seedling heat mats, these devices can cut seed germination periods in half to help dramatically improve produce production. You simply set the heat mat down, adjust the temperature and place pot trays on top of it, then wait for the plants to grow. Each type of plant has its own unique needs, so it’s important to place plants with similar needs on the same mat to keep things growing uniformly. Some greenhouse owners find that heating mats let them keep production going even during the colder months.

The Tips and Advice

  • Heat may make you feel better, but it isn’t always the best at treating the issue itself. Never use heat in an area that is bruised or swollen and keep it away from open wounds.
  • Heat therapy boosts blood flow, but cold therapy slows it down. This can be beneficial in treating inflammation. Some doctors recommend alternating heat and cold. Generally speaking, cold therapy is better for reducing inflammation while heat therapy is better for loosening stiff joints.
  • At all times, pay close attention to the signals your body is sending. If you feel discomfort, immediately remove the pad. For this reason, it’s important to stay awake while you’re using a heating pad. If you suffer from a nerve disorder, stay away from both heat and cold therapy.
  • Occasionally, you’ll want to clean your heating pad. A pad that has a removable, washable cover on it makes this easiest. Read the manual that came with the heating pad for detailed cleanup instructions. Some heating pads won’t survive a trip through the washing machine.
  • Although you should stay awake and alert while you’re using a heating pad, an auto-shutoff feature can serve as a great backup. If you’re given multiple options, choose the shortest timeframe and evaluate if you still need heat therapy when it shuts off.
  • The cord length is also important. Consider where you’ll be using it and measure the distance to the closest power outlet. Some heating pads have longer cords than others.
  • Some areas can be awkward to heat. Pay attention to whether the heating pad will drape in a way that will let it be truly handsfree, especially if you plan to use it while working. Some shoulder heating pads are designed like capes, for instance, with a magnetic closure to hold the pad in place while it does its work.

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