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The Best Compression Socks for Women | 2023

Last updated on March 1, 2023

We looked at the top 20 Compression Socks Women and dug through the reviews from 69 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Compression Socks Women.

Best Compression Socks Women

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Our Picks For The Top Compression Socks Women

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Our Take
  Runner Up

Hi Clasmix 20-30 mmHg Copper Ion Women’s Compression Socks, 5-Pair

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Hi Clasmix

20-30 mmHg Copper Ion Women's Compression Socks, 5-Pair

Overall Take

Stylish DesignAdd a bit of style to your wardrobe when you opt for these fun compression socks.

  Top Pick

COOLOVER Energizing Women’s Compression Socks, 6-Pair


Energizing Women’s Compression Socks, 6-Pair

Overall Take

Affordable OptionThanks to the budget-friendly price tag on this pack of women's compression socks, you'll be able to stock up and save.

  We Also Like

Physix Gear Sport Nylon & Spandex Women’s Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport

Nylon & Spandex Women's Compression Socks

Overall Take

High-Tech SocksThese compression socks are high-tech compression socks made with durable, breathable fabric.

  Strong Contender

CHARMKING Machine Washable Compression Socks For Women, 3-Pair


Machine Washable Compression Socks For Women, 3-Pair

Overall Take

Sports and ActivitiesIf you enjoy running, cycling or participating in sports, this set of compression socks for women is a great choice.

  Also Great

BLUEENJOY Copper-Infused Women’s Compression Socks, 6-Pair


Copper-Infused Women's Compression Socks, 6-Pair

Overall Take

All Day ComfortThese compression socks for women are available in shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 to 15.5 and calf sizes ranging from 9 inches to 19 inches.

  Also Great

FuelMeFoot Machine Washable Women’s Compression Socks, 7-Pair


Machine Washable Women’s Compression Socks, 7-Pair

Overall Take

A Pair for Each Day of the WeekIn addition to being lightweight and breathable, these women's compression socks also improve circulation.

  We Also Like

CHARMKING 15-20 mmHg Compression Socks for Women, 8-Pairs


Compression Socks for Women, 8-Pairs

Overall Take

Fun Colors and PatternsThese compression socks for women come with a no-slip cuff to keep them firmly in place, even if you're busy working out.

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The Best Overall

Hi Clasmix 20-30 mmHg Copper Ion Women’s Compression Socks, 5-Pair

Our Expert Score


Our Take

These compression socks for women are made using copper fibers that help increase circulation in your legs and feet. Better circulation means faster muscle recovery and relief from aches and pains. The socks are ideal for anyone who works on their feet all day, as well as athletes and workout enthusiasts.

Our Compression Sock Women Buying Guide

Compression socks are specifically designed to improve a person’s blood flow from their lower extremities to their heart. Doctors will often prescribe compression socks to patients who suffer from certain diseases; however, this type of sock is also a good choice for anyone who works on their feet all day, as it can help reduce the chances of a blood clot. If your doctor recommends you wear a pair of compression socks, you’ll want to shop around for a pair that offers the biggest benefit.

Look for women’s compression socks that don’t slide down after you slip them on. They may have a no-slip cuff to hold them in place, or they may be made from a blend of materials that has a natural grip. Keep in mind that you want the socks to provide light compression. They should not be so tight that they leave marks behind on your legs.

Determine just how breathable the women’s compression socks are. Many options offer breathability as well as moisture-wicking capabilities that keep legs and feet comfortable and dry, even when you wear them during a run.

Review the construction of the women’s compression socks to see if they offer any extra support. Some models provide ankle protection, as well as reinforced toes to prevent painful blisters. Other companies add a reinforced heel, so keep a lookout for this if you consider your heels a problem area.

Check the style of the women’s compression socks. There’s no reason you have to stick to using traditional white or black compression socks when the current market offers so much more. For example, some socks come in a host of different colors and patterns, including stars, music notes, paint splashes and even a family of dolphins.

Consider any extras that add value to the socks. Some models offer a universal fit, are non-irritating and prevent odors. Other socks are made using kinesiology technology, which adds a layer of shock absorption to help prevent injury.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Athletes began wearing compression clothing to help prevent chafing and rashes. Anecdotally, athletes claimed they felt like their legs recovered faster and that they had fewer issues with cramping and swelling after using compression shorts or leggings during their sport. The science is still out on some of the perceived benefits, but there has been enough sufficient evidence to support the fact that there are benefits to be had from wearing compression clothing during many types of sports and exercise.

The Compression Sock Women Tips and Advice

  • It’s always important to follow the washing instructions on the product label of the women’s compression socks. This will eliminate any chances of accidental shrinkage or the bleeding of colors.
  • Always consult with your doctor before wearing the compression socks. While they are often recommended for certain conditions, they are advised against for others. For example, individuals with neuropathy or peripheral artery disease are not ideal candidates for compression socks.
  • Never use a pair of women’s compression socks that are so tight that they leave red marks on your legs. To start, examine the pressure rating assigned to the compression socks. Companies typically use four to five different compression ratings that range from under 15 millimeters of mercury to over 40 millimeters of mercury. The higher the number, the tighter the socks.
  • Measurements may vary from company to company, so always check the company’s sizing chart to know exactly which pair of women’s compression socks to purchase. When measuring your calf, always place the measuring tape around the thickest part of your calf. Write down the measurement in both inches and centimeters, as different companies use different measurements.
  • When comparing the price of women’s compression socks, make sure you’re looking at the price per pair of socks, as some companies sell the socks in multiple sets.

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