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The Best Bubble Mailer

Last updated on October 10, 2023
Best Bubble Poly Mailer

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  Top Pick

Fuxury Waterproof Lightweight Bubble Poly Mailers, 50-Pack

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Waterproof Lightweight Bubble Poly Mailers, 50-Pack

Available in black, teal or white, these bubble poly mailers do an excellent job of protecting your gifts during transit. They are nice and lightweight, yet offer plenty of cushioning for fragile items. Since the mailers also have a waterproof coating, you won't have to worry about them getting exposed to the rain.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly PickGrab these affordable bubble poly mailers and save.

  Perfect for Jewelry

METRONIC Padded Poly Bubble Envelopes, 50-Piece


Padded Poly Bubble Envelopes, 50-Piece

You'll get 50 4- by 8-inch envelopes in this set, each in a bright pink color perfect for branding your jewelry or makeup business. The envelopes are filled with bubble wrap covered in multilayered polyethylene sheets to provide both waterproof and tear protection for the interior contents during shipping. The lightweight build will help keep shipp...

Overall Take

For Smaller ItemsPerfect for mailing smaller items like jewelry and business supplies, these 4- by 8-inch envelopes come in a package of 50.

  Runner Up

TOMVYTER Office Polyethylene Bubble Poly Mailers, 50-Pack


Office Polyethylene Bubble Poly Mailers, 50-Pack

With this set, you'll receive 50 bubble poly mailers that can be used to send everything from a birthday card to a piece of jewelry. The mailers are designed with a self-seal strip that has a strong adhesive for added safety. They're also water and tear-proof, so you can count on them protecting your goods.

Overall Take

Stock UpYou'll find this bubble poly mailer set comes in a choice of colors, such as navy blue, purple, pink and black.

  Great for Small Items

HBlife Self Seal Padded Poly Bubble Envelopes, 25-Pack


Self Seal Padded Poly Bubble Envelopes, 25-Pack

If you're looking for the most lightweight 6- by 10-inch bubble mailer to keep shipping costs low, this is a great option. Keep in mind that these are so thin, they can reveal the items inside, so they're best for shipping items that won't clearly show through. You'll get 50 mailers in a neutral gray color.

Overall Take

For Lightweight ItemsThese 6- by 10-inch poly bubble mailers are thinner in build, making them more appropriate for lighter items.

  We Also Like

UCGOU Shockproof Poly Bubble Mailers, 25-Pack


Shockproof Poly Bubble Mailers, 25-Pack

Available in a variety of bright hues, this set of 25 6-by-10-inch bubble poly mailers are sturdy and reusable. The lightweight design will help keep your postal costs low, and the waterproof build will give you peace of mind as you send items on their way. The interior is lined with 80 GSM bubble wrap to offer additional protection.

Overall Take

Versatile ColorsThe extra-thick bubble wrap on this bubble poly mailer will help protect more delicate items like jewelry during shipping.

  We Also Like

Fuxury Fu Global Plastic Poly Bubble Mailers, 25-Count

Fuxury Fu Global

Plastic Poly Bubble Mailers, 25-Count

Measuring 6 by 10 inches, these poly mailers include bubble wrap inside to protect fragile items. They're tamper-proof and come in green, pink, yellow, blue and orange.

Overall Take

Padded for ProtectionYou'll get extra protection with these padded poly mailers available in five color choices.

  Strong Contender

Metronic Tamper-Resistant Bubble Poly Mailers, 25-Pack


Tamper-Resistant Bubble Poly Mailers, 25-Pack

The light pink color of these bubble poly mailers ensures they will stand out in any day's postal delivery. Each mailer is made from multilayered polyethylene sheets that help keep your items protected against rain and damage while in transit. The smooth surface allows for easy, reliable use of adhesive mailing labels.

Overall Take

Tamperproof SealWith this set of light pink envelopes, you'll get a tamperproof adhesive seal to ensure your packages arrive safely.


METRONIC Puncture-Resistant Bubble Poly Mailers, 25-Pack


Puncture-Resistant Bubble Poly Mailers, 25-Pack

You'll find this durable bubble poly mailer is available in a choice of teal, light purple or coral. The set includes a total of 25 mailers that each measure 6 by 10 inches. Although the mailers are lightweight, they are still able to offer protection from tears, punctures and water damage.

Overall Take

Waterproof DesignThe strong self-sealing adhesive strip on this bubble poly mailer allows you to secure your package in a matter of seconds.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re running your own Etsy shop or you just need to mail a birthday gift to a faraway relative, you probably have a need for some bubble poly mailers. These padded mailers are packed full of useful features. They’re typically built to resist tampering, accidental tearing and water exposure — all in a lightweight build.

Best of all, you can buy bubble poly mailers in a variety of colors. Instead of the standard whites and tans typically seen with paper mailers, poly mailers come in bright pastels that stand out. This is especially useful for business owners trying to establish a brand. Simply use a stamp to place your logo prominently on the mailer somewhere and, combined with the color, your customers will come to recognize your items in the day’s delivery.

But not all poly mailers are equal. First, it’s important to pay attention to the material itself. It should be thick polyethylene to provide full water- and tamper-resistance. Second, look for an adhesive seal on the flap that will keep your mailer secure and tamper-proof no matter what it encounters on its route from your place to your recipient.

You’ll also want to look at the interior. Most poly mailers come with internal bubble wrap insulation. You’ll want one that’s thick enough to allow room for your items while also offering the protection you need.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important factors to consider when you’re choosing poly mailers is size. You can always squeeze smaller items in a bigger mailer, so it’s best to choose one that handles your biggest items. If you regularly ship items in a variety of sizes, consider buying multiple sets to cover everything.
  • Bubble wrap is measured in grams per square meter, or GSM. The higher the number, the better. If you’re looking for smaller, densely-packed bubbles, a mailer that has 40 GSM should do it, but you can find bubble wrap as thick as 300 GSM.
  • Although poly mailers are great for shipping everything from trinkets to books, they don’t provide protection against being bent or folded. If you’re mailing something that needs to be kept flat, insert thick cardboard. Also consider writing or stamping “Do Not Bend” on the outside of the envelope near the address label.
  • If your items weigh under 13 ounces, the U.S. Postal Service is the least expensive option. As you drift above that, you should consider pricing FedEx and USPS. If you’re selling products of the same size, and your plan is to ship those items regularly, it’s well worth pricing multiple carriers and packaging options to make sure you’re giving your customers the lowest shipping costs possible.

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