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The Best Boys’ Toys, Age 7 - 2021

Last updated on April 5, 2021

We looked at the top 5 Boys' Toys, Age 7 and dug through the reviews from 3 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Boys' Toys, Age 7.

Best Boys' Toys, Age 7

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Our Picks For The Top Boys' Toys, Age 7

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Our Take
  Best Overall

Threeking Double Sided RC Stunt Car Toy

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Double Sided RC Stunt Car Toy

Overall Take

Off-Road VehicleThe elastic rubber tires with shock absorption can drive on any surface.

  We Also Like

Toyk LED Light Disco Helicopter Flying Toy Ball


LED Light Disco Helicopter Flying Toy Ball

Overall Take

Moves IntelligentlyThe flying ball can sense objects around it while moving.

  STEM Pick

Sonomo Programmable RC Robot


Programmable RC Robot

Overall Take

Remote Controlled and ProgrammableKids can use the remote to give a set of actions and commands.

  Lego Pick

LEGO Creator 3-In-1 Deep Sea Creatures


Creator 3-In-1 Deep Sea Creatures

Overall Take

For Imaginative PlayKids can create underwater sea creatures for hours of creative fun.

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The Best Overall

Threeking Double Sided RC Stunt Car Toy

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This vehicle is perfect for going off-roading. It has elastic rubber tires with shock absorption and skid resistance. The car can do a 360-degree rotation and full flips.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Toyk LED Light Disco Helicopter Flying Toy Ball

Our Total Score


Our Take

This flying ball moves intelligently while sensing objects around it. If it hits anything, the ball will automatically turn off to avoid damage. It is easy to control with a wireless remote.

Our Boys' Toy, Age 7 Buying Guide

A good way to find the perfect toy for boys is to see how the toys relate to their developmental milestones. Ideally, the toys will help them reach new milestones and challenge them to expand their skills. At age seven, boys are working on their balance and physical coordination. Many will have a growth spurt where they will shoot up a couple of inches within a year.

From an emotional standpoint, seven-year-olds are building bonds with their friends and learning to show empathy for others. They know that it is important to treat their friends with kindness and respect, even when dealing with a conflict or argument. Toys that encourage kids to play with their friends can help to reach these developmental milestones. For example, consider a Lego kit for making multiple structures. Kids can work with their friends on the kit together and then play with the structures they create.

Don’t forget to see whether the toy will grow with your child. Think about whether they will be interested in it when they are older, or if it is something that they can only play with for a few months. For example, a programmable remote-controlled robot is a toy that will interest boys well above just seven years old.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Many toys for boys are different shades of blue while girls’ toys are usually in different shades of pink. However, these gendered colors actually used to be revered. Before the 1940s, pink was seen as a masculine color while blue was seen as a feminine color. However, there was a complete switch in the 1940s and toy manufacturers began making boys’ toys blue and girls’ toys pink. Today, the trend is moving to more gender-neutral colors so that kids can play with any colored toys they choose.

The Boys' Toy, Age 7 Tips and Advice

  • Open-ended toys provide more flexibility and freedom because they can be played with in multiple different ways. They also encourage kids to use their creativity to come with new games. For example, a remote-controlled car can be used to have races with other vehicle toys. It can also be used to send little messages to siblings and friends with sticky notes. Plus, kids can set up tracks and obstacles for the car to dodge.
  • Keep in mind that at seven-years-old, kids are developing new interests and learning about new ideas in school. See how their toys can help them further their interests and knowledge. A programmable robot can help them explore multiple STEM topics while also learning how to communicate multi-step directions.
  • If your seven-year-old has a lot of toys that make his room look chaotic, consider organizing them into categories with stackable bins. For example, all robotic toys can go in one bit, all art supplies in another, all vehicles in another and so on. The bins can be stacked in a corner or hidden away under the bed for a neat and tidy look.

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