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The Best Blender For Smoothies

Last updated on October 16, 2020

We looked at the top 17 Blenders For Smoothies and dug through the reviews from 131 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Blenders For Smoothies.

Best Blender For Smoothies

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Our Picks For The Top Blenders For Smoothies

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Our Take
  Best for Beginners

Ninja Personal 700-Watt Blender For Smoothies


Personal 700-Watt Blender For Smoothies

Overall Take

Recipe Guide IncludedIf you're looking for a little inspiration, go with this blender for smoothies that comes with a complimentary recipe guide.

  Best for Small Spaces

Herrchef 350 Watt Personal Blender For Smoothies


350 Watt Personal Blender For Smoothies

Overall Take

Slender DesignIndividuals with little counterspace will want to go with this blender for smoothies, as it has a thin build.

  Best On The Go

Sboly 300 Watt Single Serve Blender For Smoothies


300 Watt Single Serve Blender For Smoothies

Overall Take

Travel Cup IncludedAs an added bonus, this blender for smoothies comes with a silicone ice cube tray.

  Most Versatile

Magic Bullet Small Blender For Smoothies, 11-Piece

Magic Bullet

Small Blender For Smoothies, 11-Piece

Overall Take

Outstanding AccessoriesThis blender for smoothies has all the cups and lids you could want to make your smoothie quick and take it on the go.

  Best for Families

Secura 300W Personal Serving Bottles & Stainless Blade Blender For Smoothies


300W Personal Blender For Smoothies

Overall Take

Cups With Drink SpoutsThe two bottles included with this blender for smoothies are BPA-free and constructed with drink spouts for consuming on the run.

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The Best Overall

Ninja Personal 700-Watt Blender For Smoothies

Our Expert Score


Our Take

Not everyone in your home may enjoy the same flavor profile, which is why this blender for smoothies is a great choice. It comes with four cups, so that each family member can create their own iced beverage. Also included with this set are four "Sip and Seal" lids and a guide with 30 recipes.

Our Blender For Smoothies Buying Guide

It’s always a good time to start making smoothies. When you can make a healthy blend of fruits and veggies at home, you’ll find nutrition becomes just as fun as it is tasty. A great blender is key when it comes to making smoothies. It is no fun to sip on a smoothie and get large chunks of food stuck in your straw because the blender didn’t make it smooth. You’ll find a few common traits among the best blenders for smoothies and those are what you want to look for when you are shopping for the best.

With countless blenders out there, how do you know which one is going to be the best for smoothies? In order to answer this question, we have to first understand how a blender works. A high-speed, electric motor is housed in the base of the blender and is kept cool by its own personal fan. The motor is in control of the speed of the blades that are housed in the glass or plastic jar section of the blender. In addition, there is a speed control gadget on the front that allows you to increase or decrease speed or pulse the blades.

Some blenders keep their blade, gasket and jar separate for cleaning ease, while others are all one piece to prevent leaks. Still others are individual cup blenders that offer gaskets in the lid that attach to the blade when turned upside down, such as the Magic Bullet Blender. Although it comes in different sizes, it functions the same way to give you a creamy smoothie in seconds.

If you are seeking professional-grade smoothie making equipment, you’ll want a full-size, stand up blender. These appliances feature super powerful motors and extremely sharp blades. With variegated positioning of the blades, such as the blades on the Ninja Personal 700-Watt Blender For Smoothies, you will get a perfectly smooth consistency without chunks and lumps. Other models use a powerful motor that creates a strong centrifugal force that purees food to that perfect consistency. These blender types will give you the smoothest drink you can make at home.

When you are ready to buy a blender for smoothies, you will want to keep in mind your budget, the power of the motor, and the materials of the blender itself. How much money you have to spend is important, so if you find your budget is a bit smaller than the best blenders, go for the highest quality in your range. For power, you’ll want the highest wattage motor. The manufacturer will note the wattage in the product description, just make sure that you look at the power of the motor, not the power used by the motor.

The materials of the blender you buy are a personal preference. Stainless Steel, glass and polycarbonate are the most popular materials used in the best smoothie blenders. Glass is a heavier material and offers more stability than a plastic jar or even a metal jar. However, models like the Ninja, which has a plastic jar, compensate with a very heavy-bottomed motor compartment to keep it extremely stable during use. And again, you can find all these types across multiple budget ranges so no need to compromise on quality because of price.

There are many reasons to own a blender. Take your health in your own hands and make smoothies with super greens, antioxidant-rich fruits and protein-rich shakes. Take the guesswork out of it with the best blender for smoothies. You are sure to find the perfect blender for smoothies now that you know how they work and what to look for in a blender.

Simplemost Fun Fact

  • Stephen J. Poplawski invented the smoothie blender in 1922 for his soda fountain drinks.
  • The “Waring Blender,” named after Fred Waring, was the first commercial blender that gained success in businesses. The orchestra leader Fred Waring financially backed the improvements to the Poplawski blender, completed by Frederick Osius. The blender was named the Miracle Mixer in the beginning but was changed for its market debut in 1937. One million units were sold by 1954.
  • Dr. Jonas Salk used the blender when he was working on the Polio vaccine.

The Blender For Smoothies Tips and Advice

  • Think about how many smoothies you’ll need to make at once when purchasing your blender. Size is something to make sure you get right, so you aren’t making smoothies all day in one small blender.
  • Try to aim for a blender with at least three speed settings, especially a pulse button for those stringy fruits and rough ice chunks.
  • Special attachments are always a plus, so you may want to see if you can find blenders with different blades, complementary cups or even a coffee bean grinder.

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