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The Best Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand - 2021

Last updated on January 8, 2021

We looked at the top 12 Bamboo Indoor Plant Stands and dug through the reviews from 6 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Bamboo Indoor Plant Stands.

Best Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

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Our Picks For The Top Bamboo Indoor Plant Stands

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Our Take
  Best Overall

DESHENG 6 Tier Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand


6 Tier Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

Overall Take

Great for Small SpacesSince this bamboo indoor plant stand has a vertical construction, it fits neatly in corners without taking up too much space.

  Customizable Pick

SONGMICS Customizable Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand


Customizable Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

Overall Take

Holds Nine PlantsThis bamboo indoor plant stand comes with nine tiers, each wide enough to hold one plant or decorative item.

  Environmentally Friendly

Wisuce 3 Tier Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand


3 Tier Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

Overall Take

Easy to CleanIf you're searching for an environmentally-friendly way to store or display your potted flowers, this bamboo indoor plant stand is the answer.

  Multiple Uses

MUGIAZII Foldable Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand


Foldable Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

Overall Take

Large CapacityThis plant stand is made of 100% natural bamboo and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  For Single Plants

Radiant Royals Adjustable Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Radiant Royals

Adjustable Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Overall Take

Adjustable Pot SizeYou can alternate between pots of 8 inches to 12 inches in width with this bamboo indoor plant stand.

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The Best Overall

DESHENG 6 Tier Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand

Our Expert Score


Our Take

This bamboo indoor plant stand looks beautiful in a living room, bedroom or on a garden patio. Not only is its construction highly durable, but it's also able to hold seven plants at once. If you prefer, you can also use the stand to display your knick-knacks, family heirlooms or favorite photos.

Our Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand Buying Guide

Plants can brighten up your indoor living spaces, bringing a taste of the great outdoors inside so you can enjoy them year-round. But unless you want a large plant that rests in a large pot on the floor, you’ll need a table to set it on.

That’s where an indoor plant stand can help. You can set up your plant in a way that adds to its attractiveness. A bamboo plant stand typically is neutral enough to fit in a wide variety of environments, while also being lightweight enough to easily move around. But don’t be fooled by the weight. Bamboo is extremely durable and sturdy.

Keep in mind, before you order, that most plant stands don’t come with plants or pots. You’ll likely see them displayed with plants in place when you’re shopping, but you’ll have to buy your plants separately. Consider that and make sure you check both the weight capacity and the width it can hold before buying.

There are multiple design types to keep in mind. Many stands feature a design that allows for holding only one potted plant. However, you can find bamboo plant stands with multiple shelves, making it easy to set up six or more plants or combine plants with items like framed photos and knickknacks.

Although bamboo is typically associated with a lighter color, don’t assume you’ll be limited to that. You can find bamboo stained in a variety of colors to help create the exact look you want. Just keep in mind the color of the vases and other decorations you’ll be placing around it to make sure it will match.

If you have young children or pets, you’ll want to make sure your plant stand is placed somewhere that it can’t easily be knocked over during horseplay. If your potted plant is lightweight, it might easily topple over, especially if your plant stand is on the tall side.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Indoor plants can freshen up your home, but you may not realize they’re good for your health, as well. Plants help remove carbon dioxide and other dangers from the air, keeping your breathing clean. Even a midsized plan in a medium-sized room can remove air pollutants by as much as 25%. Additionally, plants can help reduce stress, making them great for setting up in an office. Studies have shown that viewing natural landscapes versus urban scenes has a better impact on your mental well-being. That greenery in your office is the best way to simulate an outdoor garden when you can’t get that view any other way.

The Bamboo Indoor Plant Stand Tips and Advice

  • Installation can be tricky. Some stands assemble without any screws or bolts, while others require inserting hardware into pre-drilled holes. Check into how much work is involved before buying.
  • If environmental friendliness is a priority for you, look for a stand promising sustainably-sourced bamboo. You may also want to make sure the stand is made from 100% natural bamboo.
  • Some plant stands have multiple tiers, but you aren’t limited to plants on those. You can easily put those shelves to work displaying items like photos and knickknacks.
  • For homes with children, keep in mind that stands with sharp edges or protruding hardware can become a safety hazard. To avoid injury, look for countersunk screws and rounded edges.
  • The great thing about bamboo is that it can be used for either indoor or outdoor décor. If you think you might want to store your bamboo plant stand outside at some point, check to make sure you’ve chosen a stand that can endure the elements.
  • Pay attention to the height of the stand and add on the height of your plant. If you want your plants to be at eye level when you’re seated, for instance, you’ll need to measure to make sure that will happen. Some plant stands adjust in height, making it easier to find one that sits at the level you want.
  • The legs of any table or stand can be tough on hardwood and tile floors. If you want one that won’t scratch, invest in some adhesive protective pads that you can stick on the bottom of each one. Another benefit of this type of adhesive pad is that it will strengthen the stability of your table.
  • In some cases, manufacturers suggest plants and vases that will go well with the stand you’ve chosen. If you don’t already have a plant you’re trying to fit with a stand, this could save you extra work.

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