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The Best Aromatherapy Candle | 2023

Last updated on May 9, 2023

We looked at the top 13 Aromatherapy Candles and dug through the reviews from 33 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Aromatherapy Candles.

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Our Picks For The Top Aromatherapy Candles

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Our Take
  Top Pick

Benevolence LA Hand Poured All Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Benevolence LA

Hand Poured All Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Overall Take

Upscale LookSince this aromatherapy candle comes with an attractive gift box, it makes for an excellent Christmas, birthday or Valentine's Day gift.

  Runner Up

Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Jar Aromatherapy Candle

Chesapeake Bay

Balance + Harmony Jar Aromatherapy Candle

Overall Take

Mellow VibesA green frosted jar and mellow scent make this aromatherapy candle perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance.

  We Also Like

Lulu Candles Fresh Linen Cotton Wick Aromatherapy Candle

Lulu Candles

Fresh Linen Cotton Wick Aromatherapy Candle

Overall Take

Strong and CrispThis aromatherapy candle's scent is strong and crisp, without being overpowering.

  Strong Contender

Bath & Body Works Scented Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle

Bath & Body Works

Scented Relaxing Aromatherapy Candle

Overall Take

Relaxing PickThis aromatherapy candle is sure to help you relax after a busy day.

  Also Great

96NORTH Essential Oil Infused Aromatherapy Candle


Essential Oil Infused Aromatherapy Candle

Overall Take

Choice of ScentsThis aromatherapy candle features three wicks for more of a romantic glow.

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The Best Overall

Benevolence LA Hand Poured All Natural Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Our Expert Score


Our Take

Fill your home with the lovely scents of bergamot and jasmine when you light this candle. It's made from an all-natural soy and comes in a choice of medium or large. If you opt for the 8-ounce jar, you'll enjoy a burn time of 45 hours.

The Best Bang For Your Buck

Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Jar Aromatherapy Candle

Our Total Score


Our Take

Not only is this aromatherapy candle No. 1 among aromatherapy candles, but it's also the best value. It has 50 hours of burning time and an elegant frosted jar that gives off a romantic glow while lit. The added essential oils promote relaxation and a sense of peace. We loved the look of the green frosted jar and found the scent to be mellow in our testing.

Our Aromatherapy Candle Buying Guide

Aromatherapy is considered a form of alternative medicine and uses essential oils derived from plants. The practice comes with many benefits for both body and mind. Aromatherapy candles are one form that not only allows you to fill your home with sweet scents, but also, depending on the specific oils used, provide stress relief, energy or a peaceful night’s rest.

When buying aromatherapy candles, you should always check that the ingredients are pure and do not contain any toxic chemicals.

Next, decide if you’d like your aromatherapy candle to have a strong scent that fills the room or a combination of essential oils that promote a certain health benefit. For example, the Lulu Candles Fresh Linen Scented Candle leaves your home smelling like freshly laundered sheets. Other candles, however, may have an ingredient like lavender essential oil, which has a pleasant scent but is mainly used for its ability to leave you feeling calm.

Check the candle’s burning time, so you can calculate how often you’d have to replace it. Some aromatherapy candles offer 50 hours of burning time, while others can burn for as many as 80 hours.

Take a look at the jar holding the candle. Some are plain and simply designed to allow the candle to burn safely. Some are decorative on the outside and some, like the Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Candle, are made of frosted glass that emits a romantic glow while lit.

Finally, consider aromatherapy candles that are designed to serve a specific purpose. For example, some options work to neutralize unpleasant pet odors instead of just masking them. All of the ingredients are safe to use around pets and have been recommended by veterinarians.

Simplemost Fun Fact

Aromatherapy has reportedly been in use for over 5,000 years. In fact, not only did the famous philosopher Dioscorides write about essential oils in 100 A.D., but the well-known physician Hippocrates also recommended them as a way to stay healthy.

Although aromatherapy didn’t become popular in the United States until after 1980, it was widely used by the Egyptians during religious ceremonies and by the French to fight diseases. The Chinese, Germans and Indians were also known to have used aromatherapy for everything from perfumes to wound cleaners.

The Aromatherapy Candle Tips and Advice

  • Aromatherapy candles make excellent birthday, holiday and housewarming gifts. Some even come with decorative gift boxes that are sure to please any recipient.
  • If your aromatherapy candle doesn’t come with a lid to extinguish the burning flame when you leave the room, use a snuffer. Blowing out the flame isn’t ideal, as this could cause hot wax to splatter up and burn you or someone near you.
  • Candles should never be left unattended or placed near an item that could catch fire, such as a pile of napkins on a table or a curtain by the windowsill.
  • If you have children or pets in the house, place the candles out of their reach. Consider a fireplace mantel or a top shelf.
  • The National Candle Association recommends candles be extinguished and tossed once they reach 2 inches of wax (without a container) or a half-inch (with a container).
  • An essential oil guide would make an excellent companion to any aromatherapy candle. The guide will list all the known benefits associated with each essential oil. For example, vanilla essential oil has antioxidant properties, eucalyptus essential oil relieves muscle pain and jasmine essential oil works as an antidepressant.
  • While many aromatherapy candles are made in the United States, it is important to note that the essential oils used in making the candles are often sourced from a number of countries around the globe.
  • When buying an aromatherapy candle, you’ll want to consider the price. Be sure to find a candle that fits within your budget.

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